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2 Aviators Killed in Navy Jet Crash

'In the air, I saw fire,' witness says

(Newser) - Two aviators were killed Wednesday afternoon when a Navy fighter jet crashed near the Naval Air Station Key West. The AP reports that the F/A-18 Super Hornet was on approach to land when it crashed into the water about a mile east of the runway. The pilot and the weapons... More »

Military Jet Slams Into Calif. Homes

2 homes destroyed by Marine AV-8B Harrier but, miraculously, no casualties

(Newser) - An incredibly lucky escape in California: A military jet slammed into a street of tightly packed houses in the desert community of Imperial yesterday but there wasn't a single casualty. Officials say the pilot of the AV-8B Harrier jet from the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona, ejected... More »

Navy Pilot: 'Sorry I Landed in Your Back Yard'

But everybody's OK after military crash in Virginia Beach

(Newser) - Incredibly, nobody got seriously hurt yesterday when a Navy jet malfunctioned and crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach. Authorities said today that everybody is accounted for, reports the Daily Press of Newport News. The two pilots and five people on the ground were hospitalized, but only one pilot... More »

Chinese Stealth Fighter Makes First Flight

J-20 makes maiden flight during Robert Gates visit

(Newser) - China's new stealth fighter has made its first flight just hours before Defense Secretary Robert Gates was to meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao. The laser-evading J-20 prototype flew for about 15 minutes over an airfield in the southwestern city of Chengdu, AP reports. Though likely some years away... More »

Britain to Scrap Aircraft Carrier Jets

British Navy will host French, US planes on carriers

(Newser) - The British Navy will effectively abandon jet units on aircraft carriers as part of cutbacks at the Defense Ministry, the Telegraph reports. The cuts mandate that British aircraft carriers use French and US jets outsourced to fly missions for the Royal Navy. Though two new aircraft carriers are in production,... More »

Congress Plans $550M Upgrade to Its Jet Fleet

(Newser) - Congress plans to spend $550 million to upgrade and expand the fleet of jets used to ferry federal officials around the country and abroad, the Wall Street Journal reports. Funds approved by the House for the military-run fleet call for two 737s and two Gulfstream jets on top of the... More »

Toddler's Body Found at Jet Crash Site

(Newser) - Search crews today found the body of a missing 15-month-old girl in the rubble of her San Diego home, the fourth and final victim of a military jet crash in a suburban neighborhood. The toddler and three family members—her mother, grandmother, and 2-month-old sister—were killed in Monday's accident.... More »

Jet Forced Down in Iran Was Private

Military denies Iranian reports that military aircraft deplaned

(Newser) - The US military says it was a business, not military, jet that was forced down after violating Iran's airspace a week ago, denying Iranian reports that any Americans were aboard, CNN reports. An Iranian news agency caused international worry when it reported that the aircraft had five American military officials... More »

UFOs? Air Force Says Nope

Not so fast, say scores of witnesses

(Newser) - Those mysterious lights flitting across the Texas sky earlier this month were military jet fighters, not alien ships, the Air Force said today. The lights prompted dozens of reports of UFO sightings, and the mystery grew when the military initially said it had no aircraft in the area. Today, the... More »

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