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Fed Rate Cut to 1% Expected

With Inflation fears fading, 'the issue now is how bad the recession will be'

(Newser) - Worries about inflation are taking a backseat to recession fears as the Federal Reserve today is likely to lower its benchmark rate another half-point to 1%, with the possibility it could go to zero by June if the economy doesn’t rebound, reports Bloomberg. “The issue now is how... More »

In Turmoil, Bernanke Forged New Persona

Fed chief sheds academic image with crisis management; some worry he went too far

(Newser) - Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke’s aggressive actions in March to douse the fire consuming financial markets won him fans on Wall Street and elsewhere, but created a cadre of critics who say the “Bernanke Doctrine” fuels inflation and hurts the dollar, the New York Times reports. “It... More »

How Low Will Bernanke Go?

Fed meets Wednesday to decide if another rate cut is needed right now

(Newser) - The Fed’s emergency three-quarter percentage-point cut Tuesday to the short-term interest rate was a boon to US markets, but whether the Fed will go lower in its interest-rate lambada remains to be seen. Most analysts expect a half-point cut, to 3%, at the Fed's meeting Wednesday, reports the Wall ... More »

3 Stories