Americans United for Change

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Health Reform Ad Rips High-Flying Insurance Execs

Latest blasts in home stretch fight

(Newser) - Health reform advocates are going into the home stretch battle with an angry ad campaign slamming insurance company execs as smug private-jet jockeys wallowing in profits and other people's pain. "Health Insurance companies are out of control," says a narrator, with a picture of insurance executives high-fiving. "... More »

Ad Campaign Takes Death Panel Fight to Facebook

Targets Palin fans; 'tell her to stop lying'

(Newser) - A pro-health reform group is hitting Sarah Palin where she lives, the Plum Line reports—Facebook. Americans United for Change is running ads on the social networking site, where “death panels” got their start. The missives, targeted specifically at Palin followers of every stripe, ask users to “send... More »

Liberals Set to Bash Bush to Finish Line

$8.5M campaign aiming to keep president's approval ratings in the toilet

(Newser) - A liberal advocacy group plans to spend $8.5 million to keep President Bush's approval rating low, the AP reports. Americans United for Change will focus on what it perceives as Bush's failures in Iraq and at home, a move the group hopes will benefit Democrats in the upcoming election... More »

3 Stories