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Afghanistan Postpones May Elections

Panel pushes vote to Sept., cites need for reform, lack of funds

(Newser) - Afghanistan's independent election commission has confirmed it is postponing parliamentary elections until the fall due to a lack of funding, security concerns, and logistical challenges. Commissioner Fazel Ahmed Manawi also told reporters today the delay will allow time for electoral reforms—a move likely to please Western countries pressing for... More »

The Vice Presidency Must Go

Founding fathers created institution in very different context

(Newser) - Few countries have vice presidents, and the US shouldn’t either, Bruce Ackerman writes in the LA Times. The founding fathers established the office as a consolation prize, the Yale law and political science professor explains, and it's morphed into a ticket-balancing slot. "This isn't a question on which... More »

Berlusconi Eyes 3rd Term as Prime Minister

Italy's richest man may be back in office in months

(Newser) - Italy's president will begin crisis talks tonight with top politicians after last night's resignation of PM Romano Prodi. While a technocrat will probably take the helm of the country for a few months, Silvio Berlusconi is waiting in the wings, and the richest man in Italy has his sights set... More »

3 Stories