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Scientists: Musk's Roadster a 'Biothreat'

Scientists point out risk that car's Earthly bacteria might contaminate life on Mars

(Newser) - In the small chance that Elon Musk's space-exploring Tesla Roadster comes crashing back to Earth, experts say the planet will be just fine. It's a different story with Mars, where the car could become what one scientist calls a "biothreat." The Tesla, in a large orbit... More »

There Could Be a Car in Space on Tuesday

SpaceX aims to send Tesla Roadster into sun's orbit during Falcon Heavy test

(Newser) - A space superhighway remains only an idea , but Elon Musk will attempt to blast a flashy red convertible skyward regardless. Musk's Tesla Roadster will be aboard SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket on its debut launch from Florida's Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday. The car is meant to showcase... More »

Meet Tesla's Fully Electric Car

(Newser) - The electric car is real—at least in prototype form. Tesla Motors yesterday unveiled a working prototype of its much-anticipated Model S, a fully-electric 5-door sedan, the LA Times reports. It’s actually Tesla’s second electric vehicle, but unlike the Roadster, which is produced in London and carries a... More »

Electric Roadster Ready to Roll

Tesla's battery-powered vehicle meets federal safety standards

(Newser) - The long-awaited, all-electric Tesla Roadster has passed federal safety tests with flying colors and will finally go into production March 17—albeit with temporary transmissions on the first models, reports DailyTech. The interim transmissions mean the $100,000 Roadster will do zero to 60 in 5.7 seconds, instead of... More »

4 Stories