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Beer Brewed From Sewer Water? Maybe

Clean Water Services wants to see it happen in Portland

(Newser) - There's water being turned into wine and then there's this: A Portland company wants to turn sewage into water—and then have beer brewed from that water. Clean Water Services operates four metro-area wastewater treatment plants, and it's asked the state of Oregon for the green light... More »

Ariz. Ski Resort Will Make Snow From ... Sewage

Native Americans, environmentalists not happy

(Newser) - This winter at Arizona's Snowbowl, the powdery white snow won't always have been so white: The ski resort will become the first ever to make its artificial snow from 100% sewage effluent. The wastewater has been treated, of course, and the US Forest Service—which owns the land—... More »

Florida City to Turn Toilet Water Into Drinking Water

Pembroke Pines to inject treated sewage into the water supply

(Newser) - Within three years, Floridians from Miami to Boca Raton could be drinking sewage—albeit nice, treated sewage. Pembroke Pines plans to build a $47 million facility that will pump 7 million gallons of treated sewage a day into the aquifer that supplies Broward, Miami-Dade, and part of Palm Beach County,... More »

Bowl Games Not Just for Dogs Anymore

Calif. county launches 'toilet-to-tap' water-purification plan

(Newser) - As contamination, overconsumption, and drought sap Southern California's already limited supply of potable water, Orange County has just adopted an effective, if unpalatable, solution. Starting today, flushed toilet water will gush through a $490 million network of pipes and filters, return to the groundwater basin, then find its way home... More »

4 Stories