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Melting Ice Opens Arctic to Trade, But US Lags

Climate change opens north to shipping, tourism, resource development

(Newser) - Climate change is melting away the main barrier to business in the Arctic—ice—but the US lags behind other countries seeking to exploit the region, the Anchorage Daily News reports. As receding ice opens the area to shipping, resource exploitation, and tourism, it's Russia and Canada who have established... More »

New O'Hare Runway Eases Travel Nationwide

Delays at second-busiest airport can hold up flights all over

(Newser) - The 8-month-old runway at the nation’s second-busiest airport has helped Chicago’s O’Hare escape its status as the “tar pit” of US air travel, writes Scott McCartney in the Wall Street Journal. With three runways now available, the airport’s on-time arrival rate increased 27% this year... More »

Chavez Takes Over Highways, Airports

Key transport links now in federal hands, weakening anti-Chavez governors

(Newser) - Venezuela's national assembly has voted to transfer control of the country's ports, highways and airports to President Hugo Chavez, reports the BBC. Critics say switching control of transport links from state to federal level is unconstitutional and will further weaken mayors and governors opposed to Chavez. The president's backers say... More »

Gadfly Stalls San Francisco Bike Measures

Activist argues that urban cycling results in environmental damage

(Newser) - San Francisco's plans to make the city more bike-friendly are stuck in the slow lane thanks to litigation from an anti-cycling activist, the Wall Street Journal reports. Rob Anderson believes adding bike lanes causes pollution by clogging up traffic. The progressive city is now unable even to install new bike... More »

Uno: Cooler Than Segway

One-wheeled 'motorcycle' goes green with electricity—and stylish to boot

(Newser) - Looking like a tricked out motorbike, the Uno is electric personal transportation with style, the Chicago Tribune reports. Designed by 19-year-old inventor Ben Gulak, the device employs no throttle or brake, relying on its rider's leanings to guide it, and is so intuitive an 8-year-old picked it up instantly at... More »

Oil Price Spike Brings Jobs Back to US

Rising costs curb manufacturers' outsourcing

(Newser) - As costs for overseas production and shipping soar, US companies are growing reluctant to outsource manufacturing—and some are even bringing their plants back to America, the Wall Street Journal reports. “In a world of triple-digit oil prices, distance costs money," said an economist. But it’s not... More »

China-Taiwan Talks a Landmark

Summit, aimed to boost business, is highest-level contact since 1949

(Newser) - China's president met today with the leader of Taiwan's governing party, the BBC reports, in the highest-level talks between the two entities since the split in 1949. Wu Poh-hsiung is visiting China to discuss cooperation on transport and tourism, and pressed Hu Jintao for a greater global presence for the... More »

Trucking Goes High Tech

Tracking improves efficiency, safety—and kept final Harry Potter book from escaping

(Newser) - Trucking companies are adopting technologies that track vehicles, monitor trucks’ condition and drivers’ actions, and even act automatically to stop accidents, reports ComputerWorld. The systems help companies meet regulations and contract obligations. Take the company that delivered the final Harry Potter book nationwide within a three-hour window and achieved its... More »

Snowstorm Disrupts Chinese Travel, Power

Holdup comes week before Lunar New Year travel season

(Newser) - The biggest snowstorm in 50 years is wreaking havoc with China’s transportation and power-supply infrastructure and triggering widespread shortages the week before the Lunar New Year. Over a foot of snow fell in Nanjing, reports Bloomberg. "We face a very severe situation in ensuring supplies of coal, electricity,... More »

9 Stories