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Russian Ravers Lose Sight After Laser Show

Vision loss as high as 80% and 'impossible to regain'

(Newser) - Several partygoers at a Russian rave lost part of their sight to damage from a laser light show, Reuters reports. Dozens have appeared at Moscow hospitals for treatment of retinal burns. Loss of vision is as high as 80% and "regaining it is impossible," according to one ophthalmologist.... More »

Visually Impaired May Soon Watch TV

Scientists use algorithm to boost contrast for frequencies still visible

(Newser) - Macular degeneration, the disease which causes most age-related sight loss, can make it impossible for patients who suffer even only mild sight loss to watch TV. But help is on the way for these people, Technology Review reports, as Harvard researchers have developed an image-processing algorithm which allows the sight-impaired... More »

2 Stories