Henry Doorly Zoo

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Woman's Ill-Advised Halloween Stunt: Petting a Tiger

She might lose parts of her fingers as a result

(Newser) - Halloween really did involve horror for an Omaha., Neb., woman who reportedly slipped into a zoo and stuck her hand in a tiger cage. Police say Jacqueline Eide, 33, jumped a fence into Henry Doorly Zoo as early as 4am on Sunday and headed for Mai, an 18-year-old Malayan tiger.... More »

Shark Births Fatherless Baby

Female hammerheads can fertilize their own eggs, say scientists

(Newser) - Irish and American scientists, using new techniques, confirmed that a female hammerhead shark at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska gave birth to a pup in 2001— without having sex. A male tiger shark was suspected to be the father at first, but the team's genetic analysis shows no sign... More »

2 Stories