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Rand Paul Does His Best Trump Impression

'You're stupid, you're fired, you're a pig, you look terrible, you only have half a brain'

(Newser) - In the ongoing tennis match/trainwreck between Donald Trump and Rand Paul that started with last week's GOP debate and continued this week , the two presidential candidates aren't showing any signs of slowing down the political attacks, insults, and even comic impressions. First Rand Paul released a digital ad... More »

'I'm in': Scott Walker Joins Crowded GOP Field

Wis. governor says 'Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them'

(Newser) - Make room, GOPers: Scott Walker is running for president. "I'm in. I'm running for president because Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them," he tweeted ( this time for real ) today. But for the Wisconsin governor—who dropped a "barn-burner... More »

Martin O'Malley Joins Race: 5 Takeaways

Among other things, Freddie Gray unrest could hurt former Baltimore mayor

(Newser) - Martin O'Malley, a former Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor, announced his long-shot bid to win the Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton this morning. "Today, the American dream seems for so many of us to be hanging by a thread," the 52-year-old said in Baltimore, accompanied by his... More »

Challenge From the Left: Bernie Sanders Is Running

Formal announcement expected later this week

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton will have at least one challenger over her left shoulder for the Democratic nomination: Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who describes himself as a democratic socialist, will announce his candidacy on Thursday, reports Vermont Public Radio . The 73-year-old will focus on three main issues: income inequality, climate... More »

2 Names Rising on 2016 List: John Kerry, Marco Rubio

But Larry Sabato's 'Crystal Ball' still thinks it's Hillary vs. Jeb, for now

(Newser) - Political prognosticator Larry Sabato is out with an update of his Crystal Ball rankings of 2016 presidential candidates, and the top names remain Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush. But perhaps the most notable change is Sabato's addition of John Kerry to the Democratic mix. The secretary of state is... More »

Why, Mitt, Why?

Romney's potential third run baffles pundits

(Newser) - The most common reaction on both the left and right to the news that Mitt Romney is genuinely serious about another White House run seems to be ... why? Some examples:
  • Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post : In a blog post headlined "His time has passed," the onetime Romney backer writes
... More »

Romney Explains His 'Mistake' in 47% Remarks

He directed them in response to one ranting supporter, forgetting the bigger picture

(Newser) - The day's buzziest political story is one from next week's New York Times ' Sunday Magazine with the provocative headline, "Mitt Isn't Ready to Call It Quits." The story by Mark Leibovich doesn't drop any 2016 bombshells, but it observes that Romney is "... More »

If Hillary Runs, We Need Specifics, Not Platitudes

Eugene Robinson: She must lay out her vision

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's appearance in Iowa last weekend—"I'm baaaaack," she told the crowd—brings us closer to the political reality everybody expects: She's running in 2016. But then what? wonders Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post . Electing a female president might be a "great... More »

Mitt Romney in 2016?

Matt Lewis writes that he is poised for a comeback

(Newser) - In the usual lists of possible Republican candidates for 2016, one familiar name is generally off-limits: the 0-for-2 Mitt Romney. But not so fast, writes Matt Lewis at The Week . "There is reason to believe that a third try wouldn't be an absurd venture." For one thing,... More »

Jesse Ventura Might Run for President

It's 'an opportune time' for an independent, says former governor

(Newser) - Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is back from his part-time home in Mexico and eagerly spreading the idea he could run for the US presidency in 2016. Ventura volunteered the possibility while at Minnesota's Capitol today, and he pushed back against skepticism that he would re-enter the fray after... More »

Gillibrand for President?

New York senator appeals to center, left: Maggie Haberman

(Newser) - Everyone's talking about Hillary Clinton in 2016—but the next time the Dems are choosing a candidate, Clinton's Senate successor might be their best bet. Kirsten Gillibrand has a reputation as a moderate, but as a senator since 2009, she's managed to win over skeptical lefties, too,... More »

Is Rubio the Elusive 'Electable Conservative'?

Nate Silver: He'll need great political instincts a la Reagan to win in 2016

(Newser) - Hydration issues notwithstanding, Marco Rubio is in a strong position in terms of the 2016 presidential race, writes Nate Silver in the New York Times . Rubio is "reliably conservative," which would help him in the primaries, and his favorability ratings are solid, which would help him in... More »

Rahm Emanuel in 2016?

Daily Beast says he's been talking to donors

(Newser) - Political rumor of the day: Rahm Emanuel might run for president in 2016, reports Lloyd Grove of the Daily Beast . The Chicago mayor has talked to Democratic donors and fundraisers more than once about the subject, Grove's sources tell him, adding that Emanuel would only run if Hillary Clinton... More »

The Inevitable: 2016 Speculation Begins

Clinton? Biden? Ryan? A look at the current possibilities

(Newser) - And so it begins: Speculation about Election 2016 is already running rampant, mere hours after President Obama was re-elected. Some of the frontrunners for a presidential run next time around, courtesy of ABC News and US News & World Report :
  • Hillary Clinton: Not surprisingly, she's at the forefront of
... More »

George McGovern Dead at 90

Family confirms death of former presidential candidate

(Newser) - Sen. George McGovern, the Democrat who lost to President Richard Nixon in 1972 in a historic landslide, has died this morning at the age of 90. A family spokesman said that McGovern died at 5:15am today at a hospice in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, surrounded by family and friends.... More »

McGovern No Longer Responsive in Hospice

Family says end is near for Democratic icon

(Newser) - The family of George McGovern says the former US senator who ran against President Nixon in 1972 is "no longer responsive" in hospice care. The 90-year-old's family issued a statement through Avera McKennan Hospital in South Dakota. His daughter, Ann McGovern, earlier told the AP that her father... More »

Obama to Romney: Open Up Your Finances

Obama: Romney should be 'open book' like father

(Newser) - President Obama kept up the Democrat attacks on Mitt Romney's personal finances yesterday, calling on Romney to release more details about his offshore bank accounts, reports Politico . "What's important is if you are running for president is that the American people know who you are and what... More »

Biden 2016? It's Actually Possible

He'll be 73 that year, but don't assume that's too old: Glenn Thrush

(Newser) - The idea of Joe Biden as a 2016 candidate for president has largely been a non-starter, thanks to the fact that he will be 73 that year. Many assumed that ripe old age "would snuff the last embers" of any presidential ambition he may have, Glenn Thrush explains for... More »

Roseanne Files Papers to Run for President

She wants to be Green Party's candidate

(Newser) - Roseanne is in. The comedian has filed papers to seek the Green Party's nomination for president, reports TMZ , which says she'll be pushing hard to legalize marijuana. Barr says the run is no joke, and she's looking to capitalize on the Occupy Wall Street sentiment, notes AP... More »

Also Surging: Santorum's Sweater Vests

Vests get their own Twitter feed, Facebook page, music video

(Newser) - As Rick Santorum surges in the Iowa polls, his collection of sweater vests is also winning popularity. Santorum has taken to wearing the sleeveless V-necks while campaigning in Iowa; the sartorial choice apparently first garnered attention at a Des Moines forum a few weeks ago during which most other candidates... More »

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