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What Midlife Crisis? Most of Us Get Happier

People are happier in their 40s than in their teens

(Newser) - If you've made it through your 40s without suddenly acquiring a blood red convertible, piercings, or a skydiving habit, you might have wondered whether you were the only one to miss out on that much-vaunted midlife crisis. And you'd be right to wonder, according to researchers at the... More »

4 Celebrity Midlife Crises

Younger lovers, ill-advised tattoos...

(Newser) - Celebrities are just like us: They get midlife crises, too. The Huffington Post rounds up a few who've had productive midlife crises (Tim Robbins wrote an album) and seven who've had decidedly less constructive ones:
  • Johnny Depp: Broke up with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and hooked up with
... More »

Another Midlife-Crisis Victim: Apes

Slump in happiness mirrors that in humans

(Newser) - While you won't find them buying sports cars or having affairs with their biographers, apes are just as susceptible to midlife crises as their human counterparts, a new study claims. Researchers questioned the keepers of hundreds of captive orangutans and chimpanzees and found that just like with humans, the... More »

David Brooks: GOP Senator Groped Me

Columnist says politicians tend to be 'emotional freaks'

(Newser) - New York Times columnist David Brooks's career has taught him that the most powerful politicians are a bunch of "emotional freaks" prone to invading personal space, Think Progress reports. "I sat next to a Republican senator once at dinner and he had his hand on my inner thigh... More »

The Cougar Must Be Put Down

(Newser) - Rebecca Traister is fed up with the concept of the “cougar,” she writes for Salon. She doesn’t “hate the solitary wildcat who feasts on deer,” or “women who have sex with younger men. What I hate is the never-ending cutesy-pie conflation of the two.... More »

Suicides Spike Among Middle-Aged

Sudden rise in demographic baffles experts

(Newser) - Suicide rates among middle-aged Americans have spiked dramatically in recent years, in contrast to flat or declining rates in younger and older demographics, mystifying experts, reports the New York Times. For people 45 to 54, the rate jumped 20% between 1999 and 2004;  for women, the increase was 31%.... More »

Midlife Crisis Is Real—and International

Depression peaks in 40s around the globe, huge study reveals

(Newser) - Just being middle-aged may lead to depression, with sufferers most vulnerable at age 44, USA Today reports. Studying more than 2 million people over 35 years led British and American economists to conclude that middle age is the nadir of lifetime happiness. "If you are finding life tough in... More »

7 Stories