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Keep Track of Zuck's Wealth—in Real Time

Wall Street Journal offers Mark Zuckerberg widget

(Newser) - Just how rich is Mark Zuckerberg? The answer is changing rapidly, but the Wall Street Journal will keep you posted. Facebook's IPO has helped make Zuck one of the world's richest people. Of course, his wealth is shifting along with the stock price—so the Journal is providing... More »

That 'Like' Button Is Tracking You

But Facebook and other companies claim it's an unintentional side effect

(Newser) - Those ubiquitous “Like” buttons are a convenient way to quickly share hilarious videos and buzzed-about articles with all your Facebook friends—but they’re also a convenient way for Facebook to track you, the Wall Street Journal reveals. Facebook’s “Like,” Twitter’s “Tweet," and... More »

Yahoo Widgets Make Net TV Fun


(Newser) - Internet TV has been tried many times with little success, but the Yahoo Widget Engine just might change all that, writes Katherine Boehret in the Wall Street Journal. The system, shipping with the $3,000 Samsung LED TV 7000 introduced this week, allows you to neatly distract yourself with all... More »

Nokia Unveils Widgety Smartphone

N97, for release in 2009, has iPhone-like touchscreen, BlackBerry-like keypad, too

(Newser) - Nokia showed off its latest high-end smartphone today, touting a lush array of Internet features and top-notch specs. Taking pages from competitors (including iPhone and BlackBerry), the N97 sports a large touchscreen face, which slides up to reveal a full keyboard. That screen will be covered with a customizable set... More »

Mash Up the Internet: Tool Makes Web Editable

Intel releases beta of free browser extension

(Newser) - Want to chart real estate listings on a Google map? A free browser extension from Intel can do that and more. Intel Mash Maker, released in beta today, lets users edit Web pages and combine information from different sites using widgets. Users can copy existing widgets from an Intel gallery,... More »

MySpace to Open Platform to Developers

Hopes to reap same benefit Facebook has--without the Scrabulous headache

(Newser) - Following the lead of rival Facebook, social networking giant MySpace will launch the MySpace Developer Platform next week, giving programmers deeper access to its site--possibly including the ability to tap into MySpace user data, AP reports. MySpace already informally allows programmers to develop widgets for it, and hopes the new... More »

Widget Mania on the Rise

Tiny software apps boost site traffic and ad revenue

(Newser) - Since Facebook created an open platform for software developers last May, widgets have won the love of consumers, social networking sites, and even more traditional corporate websites, Forbes reports. Facebook users alone have installed the miniscule applications—allowing them to share music or have zombie fights—more than 765 million... More »

Program Tracks Web's CO2 Emissions

Raising consciousness of how the Internet impacts climate change

(Newser) - If you're reading this, you're contributing to climate change. That's the message of two PhD students who have created a widget to calculate how much carbon dioxide Web sites generate. Operators can download and install the free program on their sites and then buy an equivalent amount of carbon offsets,... More »

Meebo Joins Facebook as Platform

Instant messenger site allows outside developers to create new applications

(Newser) - Meebo, an instant-messenger startup, is following in the footsteps of Facebook by allowing certain hand-selected developers to create new widgets for its pages. Unlike Facebook, however, it plans to lure developers by offering them half the revenue gained from the features they create and will sell the ads itself, instead... More »

9 Stories