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Belgium Grabs World Record For...

...number of days without a government. And everything seems OK

(Newser) - Who needs a government? Not Belgium! The country broke the world record for the longest political deadlock last week—a distinction previously held by Iraq and its much-fretted-over 249-day holdout. Some quibble that Iraq’s lawmakers had to wait another 40 days to be seated, but no one doubts that... More »

Italy Headed for Caretaker Government

Elder statesman will form interim coalition before elections

(Newser) - Italy's president has asked Senate speaker Franco Marini to form an interim government in a last-ditch effort to reform election laws ahead of a snap poll, reports the BBC. Marini was invited to head a temporary administration to change Italy's crippling voting system, which privileges small parties and has led... More »

2 Stories