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2 Senators Reach Bipartisan Deal on ObamaCare

Alexander, Murray say they have 'basic outlines' of agreement to restore subsidies to insurers

(Newser) - Two leading senators said Tuesday they have the "basic outlines" of a bipartisan agreement to resume federal payments to health insurers that President Trump has blocked. Both said in separate interviews that they still have unresolved issues but expressed optimism that a compromise was near, per the AP . The... More »

Dems Raise $13K to Reopen Firebombed GOP Office

They blew past fundraising goal in hours

(Newser) - Democrats disgusted by the firebombing of a GOP office in Orange County, NC, set up a GoFundMe page to help reopen it and blew past their $10,000 goal within hours Sunday. "Thank you all for showing that Americans are thirsty for civility and decency, and that we love... More »

DC's Toxicity Killed the Political Rom-Com

Bipartisanship? Powerful, likeable women? Too 'unrealistic': Chloe Angyal

(Newser) - Back in the '90s, there were plenty of Washington-based romantic comedies: The American President saw a commander-in-chief falling in love with a lobbyist who convinced him to put his ideals over politics, while Speechless told the story of Democratic and Republic speechwriters getting together. There's still plenty of... More »

Bring Back the Bipartisan Senate of Yore: McConnell

Minority leader offers 3 tips for a better chamber

(Newser) - The Senate can be "the greatest legislative tool we have" to resolve partisan feuding: Its rules essentially "require" bipartisanship on major decisions, and we've seen that cooperation throughout the past century, from Medicare to the Americans With Disabilities Act, writes Sen. Mitch McConnell at Politico in a... More »

Congressmen Should Try Acting Like Mayors

Margaret Carlson argues that having to get things done dampens ideology

(Newser) - Americans are understandably fed up with their leaders right now, but Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg thinks there's "still a class of politician that deserves our admiration: the country’s mayors, who actually run services as opposed to running their mouths." Carlson attended a confab of these mayors... More »

Obama Deserves Blame, Too, for Shutdown Mess

Daniel Henninger blames president for eschewing normal politics

(Newser) - Washington is embroiled in another of its "oxymoronic showdowns" and everyone is blaming Republicans. But Daniel Henninger at the Wall Street Journal thinks Barack Obama "must bear some responsibility for what has become of politics in the nation's capital. Which is to say, the obliteration of politics.... More »

Obama's Secret Weapon: This Guy?!

John McCain burying the hatchet with the president

(Newser) - Someone send the devil a sweater, because suddenly, John McCain and President Obama are getting along. Last week, McCain sat down with his 2008 rival for a private Oval Office strategy session, the latest in a string of such discussions. "Ever since the election, we've had conversations and... More »

Gang of 8 Ready to Lift Lid on Sweeping Immigration Plan

Senators will file bipartisan legislation today

(Newser) - The biggest overhaul of American immigration laws in decades will be filed today, though the bipartisan group of eight senators who crafted it have canceled a scheduled press conference because of the Boston Marathon bombing . The bill provides a 13-year path to US citizenship for 11 million immigrants in the... More »

8 Senators Push Deal to Give 11M Path to Citizenship

Bipartisan offering would enact sweeping immigration overhaul

(Newser) - A group of eight key senators has crafted a sweeping immigration overhaul deal that offers a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Under an outline of the bipartisan plan seen by Politico , the deal tackles immigration reform in a comprehensive measure that... More »

Huntsman, Manchin Launch 'No Labels' War on Partisanship

Group aims for cross-aisle discussion, congressional reform

(Newser) - Joe Manchin and Jon Huntsman are reaching across the aisle in a push to trip up partisan politics. They're the leaders of "No Labels," an alliance formed in 2010 that is now seeking congressional reforms to fight the partisan divide in DC. Around a dozen congressmembers are... More »

The Nitty-Gritty of Tax Deal

For many households, tax bill going up $1.6K

(Newser) - We narrowly avoided plunging over the fiscal cliff, but don't pop any champagne bottles yet. Though analysts generally agree that what we got is better than no deal, the plan we got is full of holes. Here's a rundown of what the deal does and does not do:... More »

DC Can Be Bipartisan —to Trash 4th Amendment

Congress will let the feds keep spying on Americans: Alex Pareene

(Newser) - Democrats and Republicans cannot agree on a budget, how to avoid the fiscal cliff, gun control, or much of anything, but there's apparently one thing they can agree on—trashing the Fourth Amendment. Yes, despite Washington's all-consuming dysfunction, the parties have come together to renew the FISA Amendment... More »

Our Class War Rages On

Super-rich are just being more stealthy about it after election: Paul Krugman

(Newser) - The election is over, but that doesn't mean the class war between the super-rich and the not-rich is at an end. Having lost at the ballot box, now the plutocracy is trying to use "stealth" to get its way, using the cover of bipartisan, "sensible responses to... More »

Forget the 'Grand Bargain'

Paul Krugman doesn't think it's time for Obama to give in to GOP blackmail

(Newser) - Republicans still hold the House (even though Democrats appear to have gotten more votes in this election), so everyone is now wondering how far the triumphant President Obama should go to placate them and avoid the fiscal cliff. "My answer is, not far at all," writes Paul Krugman... More »

What's Next, Obama?

Obama's 2nd term: fiscal cliffs, tax hikes, climate change, and Iran

(Newser) - Now that we know who'll be at the helm, the big question is what will the next four years look like? Here's a roundup of how some think President Obama's second term could or should shape up:
  • Not surprisingly, there's lots of chatter about Obama's
... More »

Looming Challenge: 'Avert the Cliff'

But is anyone willing to compromise?

(Newser) - Election 2012, check. Next up: the "fiscal cliff." We're fewer than 60 days away from what could be one of the largest tax hikes in US history—as the clock ticks down, will anyone in Washington be willing to compromise? As the Washington Post explains, Democrats may... More »

Chris Christie: Springsteen Hugged Me and I Wept

Governor a huge fan, despite political differences

(Newser) - They're both Jersey boys, but when it comes to politics, Republican Chris Christie and hardcore Obama campaigner Bruce Springsteen couldn't be more different. Still, that didn't stop the Boss from hugging the governor during NBC's Hurricane Sandy concert on Friday. "We hugged and he told... More »

John Roberts 'Took One for the Country'

Thomas Friedman compares chief justice to a wounded war veteran

(Newser) - Sounds like Thomas Friedman has a new personal hero. His name: Chief Justice John Roberts. The judge's historic Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare has "even touched some conservatives," writes Friedman in the New York Times . "It’s the feeling that it has been so long since... More »

Why the Senate Needs Seersucker Thursday

Dana Milbank links the death of bipartisanship to the death of fun

(Newser) - Last Thursday, something tragic happened: The Senate cancelled Seersucker Thursday. Senate leaders thought the tradition, begun by Trent Lott in the '90s, of wearing the light pajama-esque suits and perhaps hitting up the dairy lobby's ice cream truck, would send the wrong message given the weighty issues of... More »

US Partisan Chasm Growing

Political polarization has surged over last 10 years, poll finds

(Newser) - Politics, not race or sex or class, is the big divider in the US today, according to a Pew Research Center poll which finds the partisan gap wider than at any time in the 25 years it has been polling on the subject. In 1987, the gap between Democrats and... More »

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