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'Relaxation' Sodas Promise to 'Slow Your Roll'

(Newser) - In the boom times, people quaffed energy drinks and the industry bloomed to its current $896 million in sales. Naturally, the Washington Post reports, the recession has produced a new star: “relaxation beverages.” Loaded with a somewhat questionable “calming” ingredient also in green tea, the drinks are... More »

Celtic Tiger Hangover Pounds Dublin Bars

Busted Celtic Tiger forces dozens of restaurants, nightclubs out of business

(Newser) - Once the poor man of Europe, Ireland rode a breathtaking economic boom that transformed Dublin into one of the region's swankiest capitals. But now that the Celtic Tiger has gone bust, the ambitious restaurants and exclusive lounges of the new Dublin are closing their doors. Cash and credit have dried... More »

China Faces Rocky Road in Keeping Up Growth

The gains of the past 30 years will be hard to maintain as workers age

(Newser) - The opulence of the Beijing Olympics highlighted just how far China has come since opening its economy 30 years ago—it soon will be the world’s third largest. But with the success comes a plethora of challenges, reports the Wall Street Journal. And chief among them is how to... More »

Saigon Buries War Past

Breakneck rush to development leaves high-rises in place of multi-tiered history

(Newser) - It looks like Saigon, “the Paris of the East,” can't wait to ditch its colorful culture and tumultuous history for a shining capitalist future, Peter Jon Lindberg writes in Travel + Leisure. Officially Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnamese “cosmopolis,” 8 million strong, boasts the world's... More »

As World Economies Falter, Brazil Sambas

New economic powerhouse withstanding tremors

(Newser) - Economies worldwide are stalling, with growth slowing to a trickle and markets seizing up. But in Brazil, long a laggard on the international stage, the economy is growing at the largest rate in three decades. Good government, progressive social programs, and newly discovered resources have allowed Brazil to finally take... More »

Strike Cripples German Airports

Scores of flights canceled; Berlin transport also shut

(Newser) - Thousands of German airport workers have walked off the job on the first day of a strike, leading to hundreds of flight cancellations across Europe's largest country. Frankfurt International Airport, a key European hub, was picketed by more than 2,000 employees from baggage handlers to check-in counter workers and... More »

India, China Growth Breaks Western Mold

Essayist says market reforms are only part of the big picture

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom chalks up the economic booms in China and India to their moves toward global capitalism in the '90s. It's a comforting thought for the West, writes Pranab Bardhan in the Boston Review, but the truth is far more complex. The astounding growth in both countries started well before... More »

7 Stories