Alistair Campbell

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Blair Weighs In on London's Neck-and-Neck Mayoral Race

Ex-PM comes to aid of sworn foe Livingstone

(Newser) - With one week to go, the two main candidates in the race for mayor of London—maverick Labour incumbent Ken Livingstone and clownish Tory Boris Johnson—remain neck-and-neck. As the Labour Party realizes that it could lose the most important elected office in Britain, the Guardian reveals that Livingstone is... More »

The Cry Echoes: Leave Britney Alone!

Tony Blair's spin doctor speaks up for troubled pop star

(Newser) - As Britney Spears' public meltdown continues, the pop star has found an unlikely defender: Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair's spin doctor. Writing in the Times of London, Campbell confesses to being a big Spears fan—her songs keep "popping up in the '25 most listened to' on my running iPod"... More »

2 Stories