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Meanwhile in Britain: Tiegate

Relaxing of parliamentary dress code irks some

(Newser) - There's a new heated battle raging in Britain: In parliament at least, there's a line in the sand between those who don neckties and those who don't. Britain's parliament relaxed its dress code last week so that male parliamentarians are no longer required to wear neckties... More »

Instead of a Ticket, Speeder Got a Favor

And 92% on his college presentation

(Newser) - A University of Wisconsin-Stout student got a lesson in tying a necktie from an unlikely teacher: the police officer who pulled him over for speeding. After Menomonie officer Martin Folczyk followed him into a college parking lot last month, Trevor Keeney—well-dressed in a gray suit—explained he was running... More »

Recession's Fashion Must: a Purple Tie

Brown's rocking the regal color—but Mrs. Obama started it

(Newser) - In the past, a male politician wanting to project seriousness would opt for the old standby of a red necktie. But in recent months Gordon Brown, the British prime minister and go-to guy of the global financial crisis, has conspicuously chosen purple ties, as have his foreign secretary and the... More »

Even Tie-Makers Have Stopped Wearing Them

'Power is being able to dress the way you want,' shrugs one CEO

(Newser) - American men have been ditching their business-attire neckwear for a decade; now even tie-makers are getting in on the open-collars revolution, reports the Wall Street Journal. The industry association for US tiemakers, hit by the double-whammy of foreign competition and casual Mondays through Fridays, is calling it quits this week.... More »

Obama's Style Shift Working for Voters

Dem buttons shirt, dons necktie to convey authority

(Newser) - It’s no wardrobe malfunction: Barack Obama has ditched his trademark casual look for buttoned-up Washington style, Politico reports. As Hillary Clinton carped about his lack of experience, the Illinois senator began donning suits and ties. Aides shrug off the switch, saying it was prompted by weather, but political consultants... More »

5 Stories