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Biggest Flop This Summer: All of Hollywood

Tickets sales reached lowest level in 20 years

(Newser) - Hollywood is happy to call "cut" on this summer's less-than-blockbuster movie season, with box office numbers down across the board, reports the New York Times . US revenues fell 3% to $4.28 billion for the period from May to this Labor Day weekend, the first drop in summer... More »

3D Movies Are Worthless

Images confuse the brain, interfere with moviewatching

(Newser) - Roger Ebert has never been a friend of the recent resurgence of 3D movies. But now he's got proof that the technique is just plain broken, and certainly not worth the extra dollars charged at theaters, he writes for the Chicago Sun-Times . After trashing the 3D aspect of Green Hornet,... More »

Despicable Me Good, But It's No Toy Story 3

Animated feature is strong, if generic, hyper: critics

(Newser) - Critics agree that French studio Illumination Entertainment has made a strong first entry into feature animation with Despicable Me, featuring Steve Carrell voicing a cartoon baddy who adopts three little girls. But it has the misfortune to premiere within weeks of Pixar's beloved Toy Story 3.
  • Despicable Me "cannot
... More »

Date Night Conquers Titans

Fey-Carell vehicle wins down-to-the-wire weekend battle

(Newser) - Steve Carell and Tina Fey held off a challenge from a horde of 3D Greek gods as Date Night recorded a narrow preliminary victory over Clash of the Titans at the weekend box office, Variety reports. The mistaken-identity caper raked in $27.1 million to $26.9 million for the... More »

'Kumar' Bails on White House Gig

Kal Penn leaves Obama administration to resume acting

(Newser) - Kal Penn is done with politics: The actor will resign as President Obama's associate director of public engagement to return to show business, starting with a new Harold & Kumar movie that begins shooting in June. The film will see the two buddies reunited at Christmastime under the direction of... More »

Clash of the Titans: Not Worth 3D Prices

3D can't save this soulless creature feature

(Newser) - In Clash Sam Worthington plays a half mortal hopelessly in love and stuck between two worlds. Sound familiar? This remake aims for Avatar, but falls short. Though it has expensive effects (3D!) and stars (Ralph Fiennes!), it even falls short of the cheerfully cheesy original.
  • This movie manages
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Alice Scores 3D Record $116.3M

'Cultural phenomenon' tops Avatar's opening weekend

(Newser) - Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's trip down the rabbit hole drew huge crowds, as Alice in the Wonderland earned a whopping $116.3 million in its opening weekend—a record for a 3-D film. That total easily surpassed all other films in release and gave Walt Disney Studios an even... More »

Why Avatar Can Make You Vomit

3D doesn't sit well with all viewers

(Newser) - James Cameron sees Avatar as the beginning of a revolution in 3D movies, but not everyone will be able to join in. Some viewers are sickened, in some cases to the point of vomiting, by 3D viewing. Adults with vestibular problems—related to the nerves and canals inside the ear—... More »

Avatar Creating Bottleneck at 3D Screens

It's still selling well, and Disney's 'Alice' is coming soon

(Newser) - The success of Avatar is creating a first-of-its-kind problem in movie land: a potential bottleneck of films for 3D screens. The problem will come to a head March 5, when Disney releases Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Imax theaters and other operators of 3D screens agreed long ago to show... More »

'Avatards' Go Blue, Bonkers

Avatar fans in throes of nostalgie de la blue

(Newser) - Get ready for the blue people. Fans are so enamored of the back-to-the-earth Tarzans-on-growth-hormone Na'vi people of Avatar that they want to join the tribe. The chock-a-block-buster film, that has now raked in an astonishing $1.30 billion, is drawing repeat customers who yearn to join their fantasy world and... More »

TV to Go 3D in 2010

Manufacturers have the tech, but broadcasters lag

(Newser) - HDTV is about to become old hat. Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and JVC all intend to debut new 3D television sets next year. The manufacturers are likening the move to the standard-to-high-def switch—or even the shift from black-and-white to color. “TV finally becomes real,” a Panasonic VP tells... More »

10 Most Influential Films of the Decade

(Newser) - Though "the task is ridiculous," Brendon Connelly has come up with 10 films from the last decade that will prove influential 20 years down the road. Slashfilm has the list:
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: "On the list for kick-starting green-screen mania."
  • The Bourne
... More »

3-D Movies Inch Toward the Holodeck

(Newser) - For filmmakers on the cutting edge, moviemaking has become a technological dance on an increasingly virtual stage, Wired reports. Producers now have virtual worlds built before shooting starts and routinely blur the difference between animation and live action. And though glasses are still required, 3-D cartoons are rapidly advancing from... More »

3D in the Comfort of Home

Pushes failed in the 50s, 70s, but experts think we're ready to enter a new dimension

(Newser) - Twice before, the entertainment industry has tried to get people excited about watching 3D movies and sporting events in their own living rooms. The idea fizzled both times, but this time it has a chance, reports the Los Angeles Times. At this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, manufacturers... More »

3-D Doesn't Ensure an Exciting Journey

Generic visual tricks bore critics

(Newser) - The 3-D adventure flick Journey to the Center of the Earth is generating tepid reviews. The Brendan Fraser vehicle is “rambunctious and ridiculous,” though some younger moviegoers might enjoy it, writes Jan Stuart in the LA Times. Aimed at “kids of an age group more conversant with... More »

IMAX Stars in Hollywood Comeback

With transition to digital helping trim cost, high-end movie business looking up

(Newser) - IMAX, the format synonymous with a high-end, big-screen movie experience, is poised for a Hollywood comeback as spectacular as anything in theaters, USA Today reports. With new digital projectors trimming costs dramatically, IMAX will increase North American venues 80% by the end of 2009—and movie studios are getting on... More »

Smurftastic Comeback in Works

Movie, DVD releases aim to bring blue elves to new generation

(Newser) - At age 50, and after a decade in exile, the Smurfs are planning a comeback, NPR reports, with the original series coming out on DVD and a 3-D movie expected next year. Though today’s kids have more sophisticated options than watching the repair of mushroom houses, “the Smurf... More »

Cyrus: 'I Really Have to Be Good'

'Hannah Montana' shows she's just a regular teen

(Newser) - As their 3D concert film's weekend box office domination shows, the craze for Hannah Montana and alter ego Miley Cyrus isn't even close to slowing down. In a Q&A with the AP, Cyrus talks about the pressures of performing on tour: "I really have to be good. Especially... More »

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