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Law School Grads Scramble as Big Firms Slash Hiring

(Newser) - Top law school grads are competing this fall for just half the number of entry-level positions big firms offered last year, in what the New York Times calls the most difficult employment season in half a century. One of New York's biggest firms has cut its hires by more than... More »

All Those Years We Were Racing to Nowhere

Investors Wasted 12 Years

(Newser) - For years, denizens of Wall Street have been living a frantic existence, sleeping, eating and otherwise living at the office, “because whatever it is that had to happen had to happen immediately, or yesterday,” writes Elizabeth Wurtzel in the Wall Street Journal. And what did this feverish “... More »

Big-Mouth Amtrak Rider Announces Firm's Layoffs

(Newser) - A venerable New York law firm is scrambling to do damage control after passengers on an Acela train heard about planned layoffs before the associates targeted for downsizing, Above the Law reports. A Pillsbury Winthrop honcho "was talking so loudly that I think most people in the car were... More »

Recession Hits Law Firms

(Newser) - Law firms, once thought to be better able than most to weather sour economies, are finding themselves in a tough spot these days, the Wall Street Journal reports. While bankruptcy practices are holding steady, business in litigation has fallen off steeply as corporate clients settle instead of writing checks to... More »

Business Woes? Call a Corporate Psychic

Execs search farther afield for help

(Newser) - More businesses are seeking a new breed of consultant to give them guidance in tough economic times, Newsweek reports: psychics. Blue chip operations across the nation, from tech concerns to corporate law firms, are coughing up big bucks to hire “intuitionists,” with executives hoping their otherworldly expertise will... More »

Hillary Keeps Quiet About Corporate Years

Hopeful heralds her non-profit work over high-paying gigs

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton trumpets her non-profit work on the campaign trail rather than the 15 years she spent representing big companies for a corporate law firm, McClatchy Newspapers reports. She did do much public service work in Little Rock, but also sat on corporate boards (like Wal-Mart's) and battled disgruntled workers... More »

6 Stories