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Walmart's Big Black Friday Deals Revealed

All sales available in store at 6pm on Nov. 26, and earlier online

(Newser) - Walmart is doing away with hourly doorbusters and will instead make all of its Black Friday deals available immediately at 6pm on Thanksgiving—the same time sales kicked off last year, reports . The company says its strategy will simplify holiday shopping, which can get a little crazy . More »

Walmart Heir Is Way Less Rich Than Anyone Knew

But still not, you know, poor poor

(Newser) - It turns out the woman once thought to be America's richest female isn't all that rich after all. But don't feel too bad for her; she still has more money than most of us will ever see. It was long assumed Christy Walton was worth approximately $32... More »

Plane's Parachute Helps Save Life of Ex-Walmart CEO

Bill Simon comes down relatively unscathed in Arkansas

(Newser) - A parachute helped save the life of a pilot in trouble, but not in the traditional manner. In this case, the parachute was attached to the plane, not a human, reports the Arkansas Democrat Gazette . The drama unfolded Tuesday morning after former Walmart CEO Bill Simon ran into trouble with... More »

Cops: Flag Fanatic Bombed a Walmart

Tupelo, Miss., device didn't do much damage

(Newser) - A man outraged by attempts to get rid of the Mississippi state flag carried out an extremely short-lived terror campaign in Tupelo, police say. Marshall Leonard, 61, was arrested after a bomb was thrown into a Walmart in the Mississippi city at around 1:30am on Sunday, Tupelo's Daily ... More »

Cops Called After Mom Tries to Shame Son at Walmart

SC mother being investigated for publicly shaming her child

(Newser) - Authorities say a South Carolina mother is under investigation by the Department of Social Services after dressing her son in women's clothes and parading him around a Walmart store as punishment. The Herald reports that officers were called to the Rock Hill store Sunday evening and found the boy... More »

Walmart To Stop Selling AR-15s

Retailer claims the decision was financial, not political

(Newser) - Walmart, which sells more guns and ammunition than any other retailer in the country, will stop stocking AR-15s and other high-capacity firearms known as modern sporting rifles in the coming weeks, Quartz reports. Rumors about the change were circulated yesterday and confirmed to multiple sources today. Interestingly, a Walmart spokesperson... More »

Indiana Mayor Declares Walmart a Public Nuisance

Police have been called to Beech Grove store more than 1.2K times since 2014

(Newser) - An Indiana mayor has finally reached his breaking point after a third serious incident in as many months led police to a local Walmart store on Thursday—so he's declared it a public nuisance. Police say Gillace Samples, 42, waved a gun at employees of the Beech Grove location... More »

6 Hurt as Tornado Whips Through Walmart

It happened in Alabama; injuries weren't serious

(Newser) - Six people suffered minor injuries when a tornado partially collapsed the roof of a Walmart yesterday in Alabama. The storm, which hit the town of Troy shortly before 11pm, caused significant damage to the Walmart roof and destroyed the wall of a nearby sporting goods store. It's unclear how... More »

Woman Who Is Losing Wife to Cancer Sues Walmart

Walmart accused of wrongly denying employee benefits for same-sex spouses

(Newser) - A Massachusetts woman filed a class-action lawsuit yesterday accusing Walmart of wrongly denying employee benefits for same-sex spouses. Jacqueline Cote says Walmart repeatedly denied medical insurance for her wife before 2014, when the retail giant started offering benefits for same-sex spouses. The couple incurred at least $150,000 in medical... More »

Walmart Disses Amazon Prime Day With 'Everyone' Sale

But some experts say these 'Black Friday any day' sales may backfire

(Newser) - Poor Black Friday, being ambushed on one side by Amazon Prime Day on Wednesday, and now by Walmart's latest sale blitz on the other. In what USA Today calls a continuation of the "Walmart vs. Amazon fight for retail domination," Walmart announced in a blog post today... More »

Cop Does Heartfelt Favor for Shoplifting Mom

Officer Mark Engravalle was touched by her tough situation

(Newser) - A struggling mom in Kansas says her heart dropped when she was caught shoplifting this week—but a police officer may have turned her life around. Sarah Robinson, who cares for six daughters by herself, tried stealing basic necessities for her 2-year-old twin girls at a Walmart in Roeland Park,... More »

All It Takes to Steal $75K From Walmart Is a Uniform

Bristow, Oklahoma, Walmart was robbed on July 4

(Newser) - A Bristow, Oklahoma, Walmart was robbed of $75,000 on Saturday morning by a man who police think carried no weapon and dished out no threats. How he pulled it off: He posed as a Loomis employee and acted as if he was there on the armored transport company's... More »

Cops: Teen Leads Gang in Walmart Plunder

Dozens ransack store in Georgia

(Newser) - Police in Georgia say about 50 teens ransacked a Walmart store because they wanted to see how much damage they could cause. Answer: about $2,000. The vandalism took place just before 2am Sunday as the teens entered the store in Macon and unleashed about a minute of destruction up... More »

Walmart: Er, Sorry About the ISIS Cake

Retailer refused man's request for cake with Confederate flag, but not an ISIS one

(Newser) - Walmart announced last week it would no longer sell merchandise featuring the Confederate flag , but it never said anything about the ISIS flag. This fact has Louisiana's Chuck Netzhammer up in arms after the retailer refused to make a cake for him with the Confederate symbol on it—but... More »

Group Slams Walmart Over 'Made in USA' Claims

Group says Walmart uses patriotic label too easily

(Newser) - An advertising watchdog group warns you to beware of patriotic "Made in the USA" labels on some Walmart products, saying the company uses them far too liberally. The group Truth In Advertising sent Walmart CEO Doug McMillon a letter last week saying that "Walmart's website is mired... More »

Facebook Is Now More Valuable Than Walmart

Social network overtakes world's biggest retailer

(Newser) - Remember when Facebook's IPO was declared an embarrassing flop? It's a time some people might now prefer to forget—especially those who unloaded their shares for below $20 in 2012. Less than three years later, the social network's shares have surged to $87.88 as of yesterday,... More »

Walmart Ditches Confederate Flag

No more merchandise with controversial symbol will be sold

(Newser) - If you want to stock up on Confederate flag gear, you'll have to do it somewhere other than Walmart. The company tells CNN it will stop selling Confederate flag-themed merchandise, a decision that comes in the wake of the South Carolina church massacre and Gov. Nikki Haley's call... More »

Walmart Moving Its Greeters to Where They Should Be

Retail giant plans to boost 'door presence' by putting greeters back up front

(Newser) - Walmart's shelves may not be as organized as they usually are, but a friendly "hello" will never be in short supply now that the retailer has started its latest experiment: moving its greeters back to the front entrances to boost "door presence," the Wall Street Journal ... More »

Walmart Accused of Using Charity for Its Own Gain

Community groups allege pay to play practices

(Newser) - The war between community organizations and Walmart rages on. More than a dozen groups from across the country filed a complaint with the IRS against the retail giant's charitable arm yesterday, alleging that the Walmart Foundation is under the company's thumb and has repeatedly violated its tax-exempt status,... More »

Why Walmart Has Decided to Play Less Celine Dion

Wardrobe changes, raises, temperature adjustments in store

(Newser) - Walmart is continuing to increase wages with promised raises for 100,000 department managers this year. The company says managers of complex departments like electronics will be paid a minimum $13 per hour in August, with that jumping to $15 in February; that's up from a current $10.30,... More »

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