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It's Here: Early Voting in 2016 Race Has Begun

As of Friday, North Carolina is accepting absentee ballots

(Newser) - Determining the fate of the US presidency officially kicks off Friday. North Carolina is the first of 37 states and DC to open up advance balloting so voters can, as the AP puts it, "be done with the 2016 presidential race." North Carolinians can now send in absentee... More »

4 Ways Election Day Could Go Horribly Wrong

Chances of 2000-style debacle high, experts say

(Newser) - Election Day is almost here and experts fear that the chances of a 2000-style mess that prevents the winner from being known for days or weeks are higher than ever this time around. NBC runs through some of the worst-case scenarios.
  • Provisional ballots could make it impossible to determine the
... More »

Coleman Rejects Election Judge's Vote

Minn. senator could beat Franken with veto strategy

(Newser) - Norm Coleman rejected 37% of recount ballots in a blue Minnesota county this week, including that of an election judge, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Shirley Graham, who voted for Coleman, disputes a date discrepancy the senator used to deny her absentee vote. The state Supreme Court gave the candidates... More »

Franken and Coleman Still Jousting on Absentees

If the two can't compromise, Senate may just seat Franken

(Newser) - It’s not clear what the Minnesota Supreme Court was thinking when it made the outcome of the Senate race contingent on the two campaigns working out a deal on disputed absentee ballots. Not surprisingly, the Al Franken and Norm Coleman camps, currently separated by 46 votes, are still far... More »

Minn. Recount Will Push Into New Year

(Newser) - The Minnesota recount will not be complete until next year and could be continuing even as the new Senate is sworn in, Minnesota Public Radio reports. A plan agreed to by both the Coleman and Franken camps has the secretary of state counting wrongly rejected absentee ballots by January 4,... More »

Recount Bares Flaws in Minn. Absentee System

13% of absentee ballots typically tossed each election

(Newser) - A close examination of this year's Minnesota senate race has revealed significant flaws in the voting system that typically rejects 13% of absentee ballots—about 1,600 votes. State officials say the votes are "normally" rejected due to voter or official error, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The problem... More »

Franken Gets Boost in Minnesota Recount

Decision to re-examine rejected absentee ballots raises challenger's hopes

(Newser) - The momentum went Al Franken's way in the Minnesota recount yesterday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The Democrat—trailing incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman by 303 votes with 93% of the ballots counted—picked up 37 more votes than his rival out of a pile of 171 uncounted ballots found in... More »

Franken Sues for Records of Rejected Voters

Coleman leads Minn. race by 206 votes, calls suit 'shameless'

(Newser) - Senate hopeful Al Franken is suing Minnesota counties to get the names and addresses of locals whose absentee ballots were rejected, the Star Tribune reports. Franken’s team is sweeping the state for such information in an effort to cut GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s current 206-vote lead. A full... More »

Obama Granny Missed Nov. 4, but Her Vote Will Count

'Toot' voted absentee days before her death

(Newser) - Madelyn Dunham didn't live to see whether her grandson would become president, but ABC News reports that the absentee ballot of Barack Obama's grandmother will be counted. An elections official in Hawaii said that the ballot was received on October 27, meeting the requirements for a valid vote. Dunham died... More »

Voting by Mail Is 2008's Big Winner

Voters like to go at own pace, but some worry about fraud, lost ballots

(Newser) - Nearly half of California's ballots this year will be cast by mail, marking an upward trend that isn't restricted to the Golden State, the Los Angeles Times reports. Washington and Oregon are almost completely mail-in only, and voter-rights organizations across the country hail the convenience of sending in votes. But... More »

'Osama' Ballots Spark Probe by NY County

Absentee voters picked up on typo multiple proofreaders missed

(Newser) - "Barack Osama" appears on 300 Rensselaer County absentee ballots, and the upstate New York county’s government wants to know why. Legislators from both parties have ordered an investigation into the board of elections, which prints its own ballots rather than contracting out the work. The board says... More »

Early Voting Forces Campaigns to Adjust

Third of country may cast ballots before Nov. 4

(Newser) - Many Ohio residents have already cast their vote in the 2008 election, and they’re not alone. Early voting has become a huge and controversial phenomenon, the Washington Post reports, with 31 states allowing no-excuse absentee balloting. Experts predict a third of this year’s votes will be cast early.... More »

Feds Let Troops Fight, Won't Help Them Vote

White House, Pentagon, Dem-controlled Congress all dragging heels to make voting easier

(Newser) - The Pentagon has long dragged its heels on making it easier for US troops overseas to have their votes count back home, columnist Robert Novak points out in the Washington Post. There’s little appetite in a Democratic-controlled Congress to kick-start the process, Novak notes, as evidenced by the “... More »

Paper Ballots, High Turnout May Delay Calif. Returns

One-third of state abandons machines

(Newser) - Super Tuesday's biggest prize may take the longest to award, CNN reports. One-third of California's counties have reverted to paper balloting for today’s primary, and the ballots may not be counted by tomorrow. Electronic machines were stashed over reliability concerns, and excitement over the race has generated some 700,... More »

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