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Mugabe: Don't Believe I Won? Kill Yourself

Reelected president hits Western critics

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe has a piece of advice for those skeptical of his latest election victory, including some Westerners : You can go kill yourself. "Those who can't stomach the defeat, you can commit suicide. Even dogs will not sniff their carcasses," he said in his first public speech... More »

Clinton: South Africa Must Push Zimbabwe to Reform

Secretary of State says no end to sanctions against Mugabe

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is in South Africa, where the secretary of State called on the continent's richest nation to pressure Zimbabwe into reform. "South Africa has 3 million refugees from Zimbabwe, and every one of those refugees represents a failure of the Zimbabwean government to care for its own people,... More »

Zimbabwe Frees Cabinet Nom From Prison

Opposition figure was jailed despite power-sharing deal

(Newser) - A Zimbabwean cabinet nominee from Morgan Tsvangirai's party was released from custody today, a day after the country's supreme court ordered his release on bail. Roy Bennett, Tsvangirai's nominee for agriculture secretary in the new unity government, was arrested last month and charged with plotting terrorism, sabotage, and other crimes.... More »

Tsvangirai: Crash Was Probably an Accident

Only 'one in a thousand' chance foul play involved

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai today said that the car accident that killed his wife was likely just that: an accident. Tsvangrai’s MDC has raised suspicions that the crash could have been an assassination attempt, but the prime minister dismissed that theory. “When something happens, there is always speculation,” he... More »

Tsvangirai Crash No Accident, Party Charges

Opposition suspects Mugabe in possible assassination attempt

(Newser) - The crash that injured Robert Mugabe's chief political opponent and killed his wife may have been an assassination attempt instead of an accident, members of Morgan Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change tell the Daily Telegraph. A statement from the MDC appealed for Zimbabweans to stay calm but observed that many... More »

Donations Dry Up for Mugabe's 85th Birthday Bash

Unity government reduces Zanu-PF's ability to intimidate

(Newser) - Celebrations are underway in Zimbabwe this week to honor President Robert Mugabe’s 85th birthday, but the country's economic crisis, cholera epidemic, and shifting balance of power have dried up donations for the usually over-the-top festivities, the Times of London reports. Officials of his Zanu-PF party aimed to raise $300,... More »

Mugabe's Police to Hold Opposition Pol for 2nd Day

Prosecutors fail to show up to present charges against ministerial nominee

(Newser) - In another blow to Zimbabwe's fledgling unity government, police moved to hold a prominent opposition politician in jail for second day, the BBC reports. Roy Bennett will most likely spend the night in jail after prosecutors failed to come to court today to present insurgency and terrorism charges against the... More »

Tsvangirai Sworn In as Zimbabwe PM

Amid skepticism, former opposition leader joins Mugabe

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai, whose Movement for Democratic Change has fought Robert Mugabe for years, joined forces with his rival today as the new prime minister of Zimbabwe, reports the Times of London. Tsvangirai's decision to bring his party into the government has dismayed many pro-democracy leaders, and international leaders have grown... More »

Zimbabwe Opposition OKs Power-Sharing Plan

Tsvangirai will be PM starting Feb. 11

(Newser) - In a “leap of faith” settlement, Zimbabwe’s opposition leader has agreed to a power-sharing plan after months of political turmoil, the BBC reports. Morgan Tsvangirai will become prime minister on Feb. 11 while Robert Mugabe remains president under a new timetable brokered by a southern African coalition. “... More »

Mugabe Demands Threaten to Torpedo Zimbabwe Pact

Wish to fill all key cabinet posts would relegate opposition to window dressing

(Newser) - New demands from President Robert Mugabe have the power-sharing deal in Zimbabwe on the ropes, the Guardian reports tonight. Mugabe told Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader slated to be prime minister under the pact, that he wanted the right to appoint all key cabinet ministers—a move that would render... More »

Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe 'Moving On'

New PM talks about challenges facing him in uniting dueling parties

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's newly appointed PM after months of strife against President Robert Mugabe, is ready for the challenge of uniting his nation's dueling political factions. In an interview with the Guardian, Tsvangirai said that while Mugabe's Zanu-PF party is "moving on" without him, it's unlikely Mugabe will ever... More »

Zimbabwe Rivals Strike Deal

But details won't be out until next week

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's rival factions have reached a power-sharing agreement to end Robert Mugabe's 28-year monopoly on power, the Independent reports. Details, however, won't be spelled out until Monday, leading some Western analysts to reserve celebration. In broad strokes, however, Mugabe will share power with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who will be... More »

Power-Sharing Talks Stall in Zimbabwe

Mugabe will grant PM role but no power, opposition says

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s rival parties stopped talks today without progress on forging a unified government, BBC reports. President Robert Mugabe offered to make opposition leader Morgan Tsvanigrai prime minister without any authority. Tsvanigrai wants Mugabe to stay president but cede executive power. “Nothing was achieved in the latest round,"... More »

Mugabe Heckled by Parliament

MDC MPs tired of deferring to embattled president

(Newser) - Members of the Movement for Democratic Change heckled President Robert Mugabe today as he addressed the parliament, the Times of London reports. Having defied him by electing an MDC speaker instead of one from his own Zanu-PF, the MDC representatives chanted “Zanu is rotten” throughout Mugabe’s address. “... More »

Despite Arrests, Zimbabwe Opposition Elects Speaker

Mugabe's candidate defeated as MDC's Moyo wins close parliamentary vote

(Newser) - Opposition groups in Zimbabwe's parliament today defeated the candidate for speaker put forward by President Robert Mugabe, electing instead a member of the Movement for Democratic Change, the Times of London reports. Though security forces arrested several MDC members ahead of the vote, MDC lawmakers sang anti-Mugabe songs in a... More »

Tsvangirai Barred From Mbeki Meet

Opposition leader detained in airport, passport yanked

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of Zimbabwe's opposition, was detained at the airport in Harare today and prevented from flying to South Africa. Authorities confiscated his passport, as well as the travel documents of fellow members of the Movement for Democratic Change, before letting him leave. Tsvangirai was to attend a... More »

Zimbabwe Rivals Agree to Start Negotiations

Mugabe, Tsvangirai sign deal creating framework for talks

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe has signed a deal with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai establishing negotiations on the future of Zimbabwe, the BBC reports. The rivals met for the first time in 10 years to sign the agreement, which South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki witnessed. The deal does not create the power-sharing structure... More »

Teen Rapes Reported at Mugabe Torture Camps

Pregnancy spike among victims as militia crushes Mugabe opposition

(Newser) - Teenage pregnancy rates have spiked after youth militia members began raping Zimbabwean girls in President Robert Mugabe's torture camps, human rights workers tell the Times of London. The stigma against rape victims has kept the victims mostly silent, but a single hospital saw a spike of 16 expectant teenagers, and... More »

Mugabe Is Sworn In

Won 85% of uncontested vote; Tsvangirai asks AU to denounce election

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe was sworn in today for another 5 years as president of Zimbabwe, after the electoral commission declared him the winner with 85% of the vote in an uncontested but controversial race. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who withdrew his candidacy last week over concerns of increasing violence, says he... More »

Mugabe Declares Victory

But global leaders slam uncontested election

(Newser) - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has proudly claimed victory in a run-off vote in which he was the only candidate, CNN reports. Preparations were underway for a swearing-in ceremony, with invitations sent out hours after his declaration. But a party spokesman said the ceremony wouldn’t be held until after the... More »

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