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Official: AG to OK What Prosecutors Want in Hillary Email Case

This after a controversial meeting with Bill Clinton on a plane in Arizona

(Newser) - Attorney General Loretta Lynch intends to accept whatever recommendation career prosecutors and federal agents make in the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, a Justice Department official speaking on condition of anonymity said Friday, per the AP . The revelation comes amid a controversy surrounding an... More »

Dems Facepalm Over AG's Meeting With Bill Clinton

Loretta Lynch is heading federal probe into Hillary Clinton's email woes

(Newser) - As the FBI and Justice Department probe the Hillary Clinton email saga , two people who probably shouldn't have met did just that Monday. Bill Clinton was waiting to depart Phoenix's airport when Attorney General Loretta Lynch landed for a community event—and so Clinton ambled across the tarmac... More »

Hillary's Bro-in-Law Busted on DUI Charge in California

Roger Clinton's 2nd DUI arrest comes 2 days ahead of state's primary

(Newser) - In what TMZ calls "impeccable timing," Bill Clinton's baby brother, Roger, was arrested Sunday in California on DUI charges—just two days before Hillary Clinton goes up against Bernie Sanders in the state primary there. Roger Clinton, 59, was busted around 8pm in Redondo Beach and is... More »

Defiant Sanders Picks Fight With Clinton Foundation

He slams it for taking millions from dictatorships

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's win in Puerto Rico's primary on Sunday did nothing to discourage Bernie Sanders, who opened a new line of attack ahead of Tuesday's California primary. Sanders, speaking on CNN's State of the Union, targeted the Clinton Foundation—and its willingness to accept cash from... More »

Trump's Revival of Clinton Murder Theory Is 'Cruel'

Vince Foster's sister speaks out

(Newser) - Donald Trump has revisited a conspiracy theory that the Clintons orchestrated a murder, and Sheila Foster Anthony "cannot let such craven behavior pass without a response." The Washington Post reports that in an interview last week, Trump was asked about the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vince... More »

Trump Takes on Bill Clinton With 'Creepy' Instagram Ad

And No. 42 gets praise from an unlikely source: Kenneth Starr

(Newser) - Donald Trump is trying to "smother" Hillary Clinton's bid for president, per the Washington Post , and he's using her husband to help him do it. Trump had warned Hillary last year not to accuse him of having a "penchant for sexism" because Bill Clinton has his... More »

Bill Clinton Doesn't Want Hillary to Be President

Why else would he be sabotaging her campaign, columnist wonders

(Newser) - "She can't divorce him," Slate's Michelle Goldberg notes about Hillary and Bill Clinton. "But she can fire him." And Goldberg says that's exactly what it's time for Hillary to do. She argues that Bill's behavior while campaigning for his wife in... More »

Bill Clinton Defends Own Crime Bill to Black Protesters

Protesters interrupt his Philadelphia rally

(Newser) - Bill Clinton ended up having to defend his own record as president while stumping for Hillary in Philadelphia on Thursday. CNN reports that during a 15-minute exchange with Black Lives Matter protesters, Clinton defended his 1994 crime bill, which led to longer sentences for nonviolent offenders. "Because of that... More »

106K Sign Petition Calling for Bill Clinton's Arrest

They think he violated election laws on Super Tuesday

(Newser) - More than 106,000 people have signed a petition calling for "the immediate arrest of President Bill Clinton" for allegedly violating Massachusetts election laws. On Super Tuesday, Clinton was seen glad-handing voters and volunteers —and even kissing an elderly woman—at polling places. The problem? Campaigning... More »

Whoops: Bill Clinton May Have Broken Election Rules

He entered polling sites despite rule against soliciting votes

(Newser) - Hours before his wife was named the Massachusetts primary winner on Super Tuesday, apparent political novice Bill Clinton strolled into a polling station in Boston. Standing with Mayor Marty Walsh at the Holy Name Parish School, Clinton greeted poll staff and voters and even kissed an elderly woman on the... More »

Bill Clinton: 'We Are All Mixed-Race People'

He says Obama did a better job than he gets credit for

(Newser) - "We're all mixed race," Bill Clinton told Hillary supporters in Memphis a few days ago in remarks that are getting some belated attention from the media. The human genome has revealed that "unless your ancestors, every one of you, are 100%, 100% percent from sub-Saharan Africa,... More »

Bill Clinton Accuser to Campaign Against Hillary

Kathleen Willey joins 'RAPE PAC'

(Newser) - A woman who says Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her is now campaigning against Hillary Clinton. Kathleen Willey, who says Clinton groped her in an Oval Office hallway when she was a White House volunteer in 1993, will be a paid national spokesperson for an anti-Clinton PAC that will become active... More »

Bill Clinton: Sanders Is 'Hermetically Sealed' Off From Reality

Ex-president Clinton goes on offensive against Vermont senator at NH event

(Newser) - Attacking Bernie Sanders is becoming a Clinton family affair. Just weeks after Chelsea railed against Sanders' health care plan , Bill Clinton—whom the Washington Post called a "doomsday device" for his wife's campaign—took to a New Hampshire stage Sunday to address what he calls dishonest and "... More »

Trump: Yes, My Affair Is Also Fair Game

Question comes up as he takes digs at Bill Clinton

(Newser) - Donald Trump says Bill Clinton's marital infidelity is "fair game" on the campaign trail, and, apparently, so is his own. Asked on Tuesday whether it would be fair for Trump's rivals to scrutinize his past "indiscretions"—he famously had an affair with model/actress Marla Maples... More »

Bill Clinton’s Birthplace Burns, Arson Suspected

Christmas fire at house in Hope appears intentional

(Newser) - The former president who branded himself as "the man from Hope" got some less-than-hopeful news for Christmas in the form of a fire at his birthplace that officials are investigating as arson, reports KSLA-TV . "There’s just evidence and signs that we do believe it was intentionally set,... More »

First Mate? Clinton Working on New Title for Bill

She tells Jimmy Kimmel she has a few ideas for if she wins

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is facing a question with global implications as she seeks the White House: What do you call the husband of a US president? First man? First gentleman? Funnyman Jimmy Kimmel asked the Democratic presidential contender about that quandary Thursday should her husband, former President Bill Clinton, become the... More »

Their Idea to Improve Day Care in Slums Won $1M

Team IMPCT pairs investors with women who already given informal care

(Newser) - After making it to the final round of six, a group of business school classmates on Saturday took home the $1 million Hult Prize, beating more than 20,000 applicants in an attempt to present a real-world solution to this problem: How can early childhood education be improved for 10... More »

Key Clinton Aide Shalala Suffers Stroke

Ex-health secretary fell ill in NYC after Clinton Global Initiative

(Newser) - Closing ceremonies for the Clinton Global Initiative had just wrapped up in Manhattan Tuesday night when Donna Shalala, the head of the Clinton Foundation, fell ill, reports the New York Times . The 74-year-old, a trusted confidante who had previously served eight years as Bill Clinton's health secretary, had suffered... More »

Trump-Bill Clinton Phone Call Is Getting Attention

'Encouraging' words were spoken

(Newser) - Did Bill Clinton give his blessing to Donald Trump's presidential campaign? Sources from both the Trump and Clinton camps tell the Washington Post that Trump had a chat with the former president in late May, just weeks before Trump declared his bid, and that Clinton was "upbeat and... More »

Bill Clinton on Hillary: 'I Trust Her With My Life'

Former president talks about his marriage

(Newser) - The Clinton marriage has been the subject of nearly a quarter-century of speculation, head-scratching, and no small amount of derision—a condition unlikely to ease up as Hillary Clinton makes a second bid for the White House. As her campaign ramps up in earnest, Bill Clinton gave what CNN describes... More »

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