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Romanian Princess: I Ran Cockfighting Ring

Irina Walker, husband plead guilty to running illegal gambling operation

(Newser) - "Romanian princess" and "cockfighting" probably aren’t the two terms you were expecting to hear together today, but Irina Walker just made that happen— again . The 61-year-old daughter of the last king of Romania and her husband, John, pleaded guilty yesterday to running an illegal gambling operation from... More »

3K Birds Saved in NY Cockfight Crackdown

'Operation Angry Birds' smashes NY ring

(Newser) - Some 3,000 birds were rescued and nine felony arrests were made in a huge cockfighting crackdown that officials in New York state called "Operation Angry Birds." In a New York City raid, at least 70 NYPD officers accompanied by state troopers raided a basement cockfighting operation as... More »

Princess Busted for ... Cockfighting?

Irina Walker charged in two-state cockfighting ring bust

(Newser) - The princess and the ... rooster? A Romanian princess and her husband (a former sheriff's deputy) were arrested in Oregon yesterday in connection with an alleged two-state cockfighting ring. Some 26 others were detained across Oregon and Washington. Prosecutors allege John and Irina Walker, daughter of King Michael I, held... More »

Cockfighting Rooster Stabs, Kills Man

Victim Jose Luis Ochoa fled, later died from calf wound

(Newser) - A recent cockfight in California killed five roosters … and one man. Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, died after being stabbed in the right calf by the blade attached to one of the fighting birds, the Bakersfield Californian reports. Ochoa and others fled after an anonymous caller tipped the sheriff’s... More »

1K Roosters Put Down After Cockfighting Bust

Creatures had to be euthanized due to aggressive nature

(Newser) - There are mysterious animal deaths , and then there are just tragic ones. In California, the weekend bust of a cockfighting ring led to the deaths of about 1,000 roosters. The Ventura County Star reports that the roosters had to be euthanized due to their aggressive nature. Two men were... More »

19 Men Busted in Canary Fight Ring

(Newser) - Police busted 19 men suspected of operating a canary fight ring in Connecticut, reports WFSB TV. Some 150 canaries and saffron finches were confiscated in Shelton. “There were 100 canaries fighting, and they were betting on them 'til they were dead. It’s absolutely shocking,” said a neighbor.... More »

Connecticut Catches Cock Fight Fever

Police baffled over recent arrests for bloody sport

(Newser) - New England is hardly a cockfighting hot spot, but Connecticut might be turning into one, the Boston Globe reports. Since 2005 Hartford-area police have made at least five major cockfighting busts, arresting about 80 people and seizing more than $88,000. Police aren’t sure if that means cockfighting is... More »

Cockfighting Raid Nabs 73 in NC

One rooster splattered blood on search warrant

(Newser) - North Carolina police arrested 73 people in an unexpectedly huge cockfighting raid over the weekend, crashing a barbaric $40,000 tournament in which a combatant rooster bloodied the search warrant, the AP reports. “I had no idea it would be this large,” the sheriff said. “I've raided... More »

Secrets of A Christmas Story

(Newser) - A Christmas Story is beloved by all, as evidenced by the enduring Christmas Eve marathons on TBS. But there are probably some things you don’t know about the timeless flick. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer runs down 25 of them.
  • The Cleveland house used for exterior shots is now a museum
... More »

Cockfighting Fans in La. Say Goodbye

State is last to ban centuries-old sport; aficionados protest

(Newser) - Louisiana became the last state to outlaw cockfighting today, and fans of the activity are mourning the loss of what they see as a cultural pastime, reports the Washington Post. Animal rights supporters praise the crackdown, but cockfight enthusiasts say the law will just push the show underground. Says one... More »

Cockfight Mag Forced Off

Humane Society sued, said publication boosted illegal sport

(Newser) - In a victory for the Humane Society, the publisher of The Gamecock has agreed to stop selling its publication on The anti-animal cruelty group had sued Amazon to remove the magazine—which it says promote cockfighting—from its site, charging the online retailer with violating federal law, the... More »

Marichal, Mets' Martinez Shown at Cockfight

Pitchers were honorary starters of event in Dominican Republic

(Newser) - Video of Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez and Hall of Famer Juan Marichal at a cockfight in their native Dominican Republic—where the practice is legal—was briefly available on YouTube today, the New York Post reports. The pair is seen enjoying themselves and even throwing the chickens into the ring... More »

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