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4 Dead in Bloody Attack at California Tribal Office

Cherie Lash Rhoades allegedly killed four people

(Newser) - An eviction hearing for a formal tribal chairwoman ended in a hail of bullets yesterday at the Cedarville Rancheria American Indian tribal office in California. Alturas police say Cherie Lash Rhoades, also known as Sherie Lash, opened fire at around 3:30pm, shooting six people and killing four of them,... More »

Among Adam Lanza's Interests: Pedophilia

But expert hesitates to pin Sandy Hook massacre on sexual urges

(Newser) - Adam Lanza, pedophile? The 20-year-old who perpetrated the Sandy Hook massacre and killed himself on Dec. 14, 2012, kept documents on his hard drive showing an interest in pedophilia, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Topping the list is a screenplay, Lovebound, that depicts a relationship between a 10-year-old boy and... More »

It's Been 20 Years Since the LI Rail Road Massacre

Even after so much time, and worse shootings, it stands out, says AP

(Newser) - Before Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and Newtown, there was the Long Island Rail Road. On Dec. 7, 1993, a gunman opened fire on a train car filled with commuters leaving New York City. By the time passengers tackled Colin Ferguson, his fusillade had left six people dead and 19 wounded.... More »

Kenya Mall Attack Rehearsed, 'Meticulously Planned'

Plus: Gunshots still ringing out

(Newser) - Some of the terrorists who attacked Kenya's Westgate Mall are said to have used G3 assault rifles, cumbersome guns carried by Kenyan security officers, and "you don't bring something like a crew-served weapon through the door," an American official tells the New York Times . "Those... More »

Cops: Chicago Mass Shooting Was Revenge

4 have now been arrested, including gunmen

(Newser) - Police have now rounded up four suspects in the Chicago mass shooting that left 13 people injured , and they also think they have a motive. Bryon Champ, 21, and Kewane Gatewood, 20, were arrested earlier ; now the Chicago Tribune reports Tabari Young, 22, and Brad Jett, 22, have also been... More »

Navy Yard Gunman Lied During Security Check

Navy didn't know 2004 arrest involved a gun

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Times sheds more light on how Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis was able to get secret-level security clearance from the Navy, despite the fact that he had been arrested in 2004 for an incident involving a gun. Alexis did not mention the incident on the security questionnaire... More »

Chicago Busts 2 in 13-Person Park Shooting

But shooter still believed to be at large

(Newser) - Chicago police have made a breakthrough in the mass shooting last week that left 13 people injured—and led to talk of the National Guard being brought in to assist city cops. Two men in their early 20s have been arrested and charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery with... More »

39 Dead in Kenya Mall Attack: President

Americans among those injured

(Newser) - The death toll from an attack on an upscale mall in Nairobi today has now reached at least 39, with another 150 injured, the country's president, Uhuru Kenyatta, said in a national TV address. Kenyatta says he "personally lost family members" in the attack on the Westgate mall,... More »

Toddler, 12 Others Shot in Chicago Park

3 in 'serious-to-critical' condition: report

(Newser) - Thirteen people were shot in a park on Chicago's South Side around 10:15pm last night, including a three-year-old boy who was reportedly shot in the ear. The victims have been hospitalized, with three—the toddler among them—in "serious-to-critical" condition; the Chicago Tribune reports the boy is... More »

Navy Gunman 'Had a Problem' With His Company

Alexis started shooting on floor where he worked

(Newser) - The investigation following Monday's Navy Yard shooting is looking into a possible motive: trouble at work. Aaron Alexis "was not doing a very good job, and somebody told him that there was a problem," a law enforcement official tells the Washington Post . Alexis began shooting on the... More »

Navy Gunman, Snowden Checked Out by Same Firm

USIS has been under federal scrutiny

(Newser) - Both Edward Snowden and Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis faced background checks in recent years—and both checks were conducted by the same company. USIS ran a background check on Alexis in 2007 for the Office of Personnel Management, the year he joined the Navy; the company said it wasn'... More »

Elite Cops Were Held Back From Navy Yard: Reports

Capitol Police chief orders investigation

(Newser) - As a gunman was shooting up the Navy Yard, an elite police team stationed "less than 30 seconds from the gate" was ready to provide help—but a commander "wouldn't let them go in and stop people from being slaughtered," an officer tells WUSA9 . While hundreds... More »

For Navy Victim's Family, Tragedy Struck Twice

Widow of Arthur Daniels buried their son 4 years ago after a DC shooting

(Newser) - The Washington Post zeroes in on one of the Navy Yard shooting victims, and the fact that the death of Arthur Daniels is the second such tragedy for his family in just a few years. The 51-year-old Daniels was working at the facility that day as a handyman, and he... More »

Video Games Not to Blame for Navy Yard Shootings

Let's focus on the gun shooter always carried: Alexander Abad-Santos

(Newser) - Not surprisingly, quite a few media outlets were quick to trot out the familiar old "mass shooter played violent video games" articles in the wake of the Navy Yard shootings in Washington. But the idea that video games are to blame for real-life violence is a "toxic notion,... More »

After Navy Shooting, Gun-Control Debate Rises Again

DC doctor: 'Put my trauma center out of business'

(Newser) - Yesterday's mass shooting at the Navy Yard has brought the issue of tougher gun laws back into DC's conversation, but Josh Gerstein at Politico sums up the problem for advocates with a basic question: "If the murder of 20 first-graders in their Connecticut grade school wasn’t... More »

8 Victims Named in Navy Yard Shooting

'Single worst loss of life' in DC in decades

(Newser) - A picture of alleged Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, who was apparently a military contractor, has begun to emerge ; now, we're learning about the 12 other people killed in the shooting, which the Washington Post calls "the single worst loss of life in the District" since a 1982... More »

Cost-Cutting Navy Yard Was Poorly Protected: Report

Aaron Alexis worked for Navy subcontractor

(Newser) - The Navy Yard attacked yesterday hadn't adequately guarded itself when it came to contractor access, an upcoming report finds. Seeking "to reduce access-control costs," the Navy "did not effectively mitigate access-control risks associated with contractor-installation access," says the report, begun in August 2012 by the... More »

Accused Navy Yard Gunman Was a Buddhist

Dad also told police he was traumatized from 9/11

(Newser) - New details have emerged about accused Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis . Perhaps most unexpected: Alexis was a practicing Buddhist, who visited a Fort Worth Thai Buddhist temple to meditate twice a week. "From the outside, he was a quiet person," says one of the monk's assistants,... More »

Navy Yard Shooter Identified

Authorities ID suspect as Aaron Alexis; death toll hits 13

(Newser) - The FBI has identified the alleged shooter responsible for today's Washington Navy Yard shooting as Aaron Alexis, a 34-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, the Washington Post reports. At the same press conference, officials confirmed the death toll in the shooting has risen to 13—including Alexis. Alexis served four... More »

Mass Shootings: Now 'as American as Apple Pie'

Petula Dvorak: Mass shootings are now simply routine in the US

(Newser) - Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Tucson, Aurora, Newtown. No more context is needed—we mentally amend the words "mass shooting" to each of these. And today we add another location to that list: Washington Navy Yard . "How can this country tolerate another mass shooting, after we’ve endured so... More »

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