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Disabled Boy Tied to Bus Stop Sparks Outrage

Photos shine spotlight on unpopular issue in India

(Newser) - Lakhan Kale's grandmother would tie him to something on the street before each work day and walk away. That's because 9-year-old Lakhan has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and no one else in Mumbai, India, would care for him, ABC News reports. Cringing? You're not alone: News photos... More »

US Sues Florida Over Kids Kept in Nursing Homes

DOJ suit says 200 kids with disabilities in nursing homes shouldn't be there

(Newser) - The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Florida yesterday, accusing the state of unnecessarily institutionalizing about 200 children with disabilities in six nursing homes around the state; the suit argues the kids don't need to be there and could benefit from care at home or elsewhere in the community.... More »

Deaf, Blind Sue to Make Online Shopping Accessible

Advocates for the deaf, blind have won several recent victories

(Newser) - A Target store needs to be accessible by people with disabilities, so why not the Target website? That's the aim of advocates who are increasingly arguing in lawsuits that websites must also comply with the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act. That theory has been dismissed by a few courts... More »

Senate GOP Blocks Disabled Rights Treaty

Bob Dole makes appeal; Kerry calls vote saddest day in years

(Newser) - Bob Dole watched from a wheelchair on the Senate floor yesterday as his Republican former colleagues rejected a United Nations disability rights treaty modeled on the Americans with Disabilities Act he championed in 1990, the Kansas City Star reports. GOP opponents of the treaty claimed it would surrender American sovereignty... More »

Next Up for Tablets: Eye-Control Technology?

NPR reporter says it's 'pretty amazing'

(Newser) - One day you may open apps with the blink of an eye. That's the wish of tech experts in Copenhagen, who are already using eye-control technology for people with disabilities, NPR reports. The only glitch: Tablets don't yet have infrared light that can pick up eye movements. But... More »

NY State Caregivers Keep Jobs Despite Abuse

Probe uncovers incidents involving the mentally disabled

(Newser) - At New York state homes for the mentally disabled, firings are rare—even when caregivers abuse or neglect patients, the Poughkeepsie Journal reports. Of the state’s 20 attempted firings across some dozen facilities since 2007, 18 were unsuccessful; only 2% of disciplinary cases at more than 100 facilities led... More »

Cops Release One-Legged Man, Keep Wheelchair

Portland man left to drag himself out of jail

(Newser) - A one-legged homeless man in Portland was left to drag himself out of jail over the weekend because his wheelchair had been moved to an off-site storage facility after he was picked up on a drinking citation. "Scottie" Hamilton, a 37-year-old Iraq veteran who lost his leg in a... More »

Despite Near-Total Paralysis, Patients Remain Happy

Study offers surprising results for those with 'locked-in syndrome'

(Newser) - Happiness is a relative thing: Most patients with so-called "locked-in syndrome"—they're mentally aware but physically paralyzed and unable to communicate except with their eyes—characterize themselves as happy. Of the 65 patients who took part in the first major study of the issue, mostly by blinking, 47... More »

Judge Bans Man From Sex Over Low IQ

He's too challenged to give legal consent, says UK court

(Newser) - A UK judge has barred a man from continuing a sexual relationship with another man because of his extremely low IQ, the Telegraph reports. The 41-year-old lives in an assisted living facility, has an IQ of 48, and is "seriously challenged in all aspects of his mental functionality,”... More »

2nd Suspect Surrenders in Disabled Rapes

Cops press on in 'most heinous' attacks

(Newser) - A second man is in custody in an investigation into a disturbing string of sex assaults of severely disabled women revealed in more than 100 hours of videotaped attacks. The tapes were discovered by a tech hired to scrub a hard drive containing film of the assaults, according to cops.... More »

LA Cops Probe Sex Assaults on Disabled Women

100 video hours of series of attacks dropped off at police HQ

(Newser) - Los Angeles police are probing a disturbing series of sex crimes but they haven't been able to identify the suspects, the victims, or even where the attacks took place. A package containing 100 hours of video footage of severely disabled women being sexually assaulted was dropped off at Los Angeles... More »

Disabled Model Show Handicapped by Sincerity

Britain's Missing Top Model tries to make contestants into heroes

(Newser) - A British reality show about disabled women competing to win a spot as a fashion model has mostly admirable intentions, but ultimately does more harm than good. "There is something both bold and troubling about Britain’s Missing Top Model," writes Alessandra Stanley in the New York Times... More »

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Unsung 'Civil Rights Hero'

(Newser) - Not too long ago the mentally disabled—or "retarded" people, as we called them then—were often hidden away in medical institutions, neglected by their families, and subjected to horrific policies such as forced sterilization. Eunice Kennedy Shriver changed all that with the Special Olympics, which started in her... More »

Disabled Identify With Heroes at Comic-Con

'You have legs, you can become a warrior,' says fan at SD convention

(Newser) - It’s no accident that some of Comic-Con's most popular heroes are X-Men’s wheelchair-bound professor and Daredevil’s blind avenger. Many of the San Diego convention’s 125,000 guests say they relate to the struggles of their favorite superheroes, the Los Angeles Times reports. “You feel like... More »

2 Grilled in Murder of Parents Who Adopted Disabled

(Newser) - Police are interrogating two men they say were caught on videotape in the home invasion-murder of a wealthy Florida couple who adopted 12 children, several of them disabled, reports the Pensacola News Journal. Eight of the children of the murdered couple, Byrd and Melanie Billings, were home at the time... More »

New MTV News Show Puts Disabled in Control

New MTV show a surprising success

(Newser) - A new MTV show that features the mentally disabled interviewing celebs and average folks, isn’t as offensive as it sounds, Ellen Gray writes in the Philadelphia Daily News. The show—How's Your News? from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, is actually an inclusive endeavor that proves... More »

Terrible Towel Has Wonderful Story

Steelers announcer's legacy has changed the lives of many

(Newser) - When beloved Steelers radio announcer Myron Cope told fans to bring gold and black towels to a 1975 playoff game, he had no idea he was sealing his fame. Cope's legacy, the Terrible Towel, has become a Pittsburgh legend and brings in huge profits—which he turned over to a... More »

Obese? Court Backs Two Seats for One Fare

Those 'functionally disabled by obesity' get fare break in Canada

(Newser) - Obese air travelers in Canada who need two seats must be given the extra seat for free, Reuters reports. The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear an appeal from Air Canada and two other airlines after they failed to win a lower court appeal on the fare issue.... More »

Iraq Vets Hit by Financial Woes

Disabled veterans struggle to find jobs, keep homes

(Newser) - Many soldiers returning from Iraq are finding themselves up against a new enemy: their finances. Unemployment, lack of credit, and foreclosures all seem to be hitting veterans harder than the average citizen, the New York Times reports. "You fill out a job application and you can’t write ‘... More »

Time to Redefine 'Disabled' Design

Accessible design leads to better products for everyone

(Newser) - The world is long overdue for a major change in how devices for the disabled are both perceived and designed, an industry leader says. In fact, it's time to stop designing disabled-access items altogether, Northwestern professor and author Don Norman tells CNN. Why not just make it so showers, baths,... More »

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