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Shadowy 'Chinese Guy' Runs Deadly Fake ID Market

IDs out of China so good they can beat scanners

(Newser) - Terrorist threats and illegal immigration have spurred the advent of hologram- and bar code-adorned forms of identification, but getting fake IDs good enough to fool the system has never been easier, reports the Washington Post . The main customers of the fake ID merchants are underage drinkers—who also often drive,... More »

Military Shows Off 'Iron Man' Armor

Suits unveiled alongside Iron Man 2 DVD

(Newser) - Raytheon unveiled a revolutionary new military technology yesterday—at an event celebrating the Iron Man 2 DVD release. It’s a fairly apt product tie-in. The company was demonstrating its second-generation Exoskeleton, or XOS 2, a hydraulic suit that can allow a soldier to easily and repeatedly lift 200 pounds,... More »

Apple Patches iPhone Security Concerns

(Newser) - Apple today issued an update for its iPhone operating system, patching a flaw in its text-messaging operation that security experts say could have allowed serious hackers to “take over every iPhone in the world,” AllThingsD reports. “Contrary to what’s been reported,” a company spokesman said,... More »

Trade Show Offers Top Gear to China Cops

Washington shocked as US firms sell gizmos to Beijing

(Newser) - A police trade show packed with Western goods is thriving in Beijing despite worldwide outrage against China, the New York Times reports. DuPont and Motorola are among big-name companies selling items like bulletproof Kevlar and wireless systems for cops. Washington, which forbids the sale of police technology to China, was... More »

Improved Security Lost in 'Maze'

Post-9/11 promises haven't translated into better airport security systems

(Newser) - Whiz-bang technology that would keep terrorists from destroying airplanes, promised after the 9/11 attacks, hasn't materialized, the Washington Post reports. The various players blame each other for bureaucratic, legal, and market failures. One security-industry exec calls the Transportation Security Administration "a maze"; TSA officials blame firms for not delivering... More »

5 Stories