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Baseball-Savvy Actress Explores Mets' New Park

Mets fans will take time to warm to new stadium, actress says

(Newser) - The name of the Mets' new ballpark may evoke unpleasant parallels between the crashing economy and the team's penchant for late-season collapses, but maybe Citi Field can still represent a fresh start for the Mets, writes Julia Stiles for the Wall Street Journal. The award-winning actress, an avid fan, opens... More »

Posh New Stadiums Victims of Bad Timing

Recession means few takers for box seats for Yankees, Mets, Cowboys

(Newser) - When the Mets, the Yankees, and the Cowboys decided to build staggeringly expensive stadiums, they didn’t realize what kind of economy the arenas would open their doors to. The Wall Street Journal reports that the amenities-heavy fields, laden with luxury-boxes and steakhouses, are struggling to fill their swanky suites.... More »

Citi May Bail on $400M Marketing Deal With Mets

The call to spend taxpayer money more wisely may overshadow agreement

(Newser) - Citigroup, trying to duck controversy over its use of taxpayer bailout dollars, is considering  reneging on a $400 million marketing deal with the New York Mets, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 20-year partnership—which includes naming the Mets new stadium Citi Field—may be scratched because Citi accepted $45... More »

Fans' Ashes in Limbo as Yankee, Shea Shut Doors

As Shea and Yankee stadiums shut, relatives fret over final resting places

(Newser) - Now that Yankee Stadium and Shea have shut their doors forever, people who scattered ashes in their favorite ballpark worry that their loved ones may spend eternity in a parking lot, the New York Times writes. Some are searching for a way to get some dirt out of the hallowed... More »

NY's Weirdos Will Miss You, Shea

NYC bids adieu to its home for eccentric, earthy fans

(Newser) - Shea Stadium may lack the grandeur of Yankee Stadium and look like a tacky concrete donut, but that's what made the New York Mets' home great, writes Harry Bruinius in the Christian Science Monitor. “Shea is a circus in a way Yankee Stadium could never be,” and gave... More »

Yankee Fans Run Home With Stadium Steals

Team steps up security to thwart souvenir-hunters as ballpark gets set to close

(Newser) - The final few games at Yankee Stadium promise to be a battle of wits between sticky-fingered fans and New York's finest, AP reports. The House That Ruth Built shuts forever soon and at least a dozen fans have been busted trying to take a piece of it home. Seats have... More »

New Stadium Strikes Fear in Mets Foes

New stadium, opening next year, will open financial 'chasm' for other NL teams

(Newser) - National League teams visiting Shea Stadium this summer can’t help looking past the outfield with fear at the New York Mets’ new home, Citi Field, which opens next year. “It is the ballpark that could make the Mets financially untouchable,” Rich Hofmann writes in the Philadelphia Daily ... More »

Critic Cries in Beer Over Ballpark Brews

Drinking tour of sports stadiums draws Bronx cheer

(Newser) - Nothing like downing a cold one while watching the game at the ballpark—or is there? On a beer-tasting tour of select baseball stadiums, Portfolio's connoisseur Franz Lidz found the brew generally lukewarm, with a rank aftertaste. "Nobody tastes stadium beer," said his neighbor at Shea Stadium. "... More »

Joel Movin' Out of Shea

Piano Man will play the last shows at iconic venue that first hosted the Beatles

(Newser) - His idols set a pop-cultural milestone by playing a concert there in 1965, and now Billy Joel will be the last musician to rock Shea Stadium, reports the New York Sun. Since the Beatles turned to sports venues to fit their legions of screaming fans, the home of the Mets... More »

Not Your Grandfather's Hot Dog Stand

Food columnist finds best, worst stadium fare in major leagues

(Newser) - From a perfect crab salad sandwich at AT&T field in San Francisco to a dreadful crab cake at Camden Yards in Baltimore, the New York Times charts the range and quality of foods available at America's ballparks. Crab isn't the only departure from the ubiquitous hot dog: During his... More »

Yanks, Mets Dig In for Stadium Sell-Offs

Teams expect to make millions auctioning off pieces of closing parks

(Newser) - Demolition isn’t usually very profitable—unless you’re knocking down Yankee Stadium or Shea Stadium and auctioning off every last brick. When New York’s stadiums close at season’s end, they’ll transform into a merchandising windfall, Newsweek reports. Seats, lockers, scoreboards and maybe even infield dirt will... More »

Dad Falls to Death at Ballpark

Dad tumbles from escalator after Mets game

(Newser) - A 36-year-old father of two died after falling four stories from a Shea Stadium escalator last night, Newsday reports. Antonio Nararainsami was leaving the ballpark with family members when he tumbled over the railing of the non-moving escalator.  Police are looking into the possibility that Nararainsami was "surfing"... More »

Brewers' Homers Doom Santana, Mets

Sheets overcomes rough start to end Milwaukee's slide

(Newser) - Ben Sheets ruined Johan Santana's Shea Stadium debut, outpitching the Mets' new ace in the Milwaukee Brewers' 5-3 win over New York today. Home runs by Bill Hall, Rickie Weeks and Gabe Kapler helped Milwaukee come from behind and Sheets (2-0) overcame a shaky start to help Brewers end a... More »

Phillies Beat Mets in Final Shea Opener

Moyer shuts down NY offense; Delgado error keys Phillies rally

(Newser) - Carlos Delgado and the New York Mets botched the final home opener at Shea Stadium the same way they squandered a big lead in the NL East last year. April or September, doesn't seem to matter. The Mets can't find a way to hold off Philadelphia. Jamie Moyer pitched... More »

Sign Man of Shea Dies at 83

Karl Ehrhardt entertained Mets fans with his placards from 1964-1981

(Newser) - Karl Ehrhardt, known as the Sign Man of Shea, died Tuesday at his home in Glen Oaks, Queens, reports the New York Times. The 83-year-old was known for holding up his timely 20-by-26-inch placards in dozens of games at Shea Stadium each season from 1964-1981. He became famous during the... More »

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