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CBS to Les Moonves: No $120M for You

The company's board denies him huge severance package

(Newser) - That $120 million? Don't bank on it, Les. CBS says an internal sexual-misconduct probe has tanked any hope of ex-CEO Les Moonves getting his ginormous severance, CNBC reports. "We have determined that there are grounds to terminate for cause, including his willful and material misfeasance ... as well as... More »

Oprah Helped Bring Him Fame. Now, Serious Allegations

Brazilian faith healer 'John of God' accused of sexual abuse by hundreds of women

(Newser) - "Is 'John of God' a Healer or a Charlatan?" asked ABC News in 2005. You can add "or a Criminal?" to that headline. The Brazilian faith healer turned himself in on Sunday following allegations he'd sexually abused more than 300 women. It's a fall from... More »

Man Gets 9 Years for 'Brazen' Sexual Assault on Plane

Ramamoorthy will be deported after sentence

(Newser) - An Indian citizen has been sentenced to nine years in prison for what prosecutors in Michigan called one of "the most brazen airplane sexual assaults ever prosecuted in this district." Prabhu Ramamoorthy, a 35-year-old tech worker, was found guilty in August of sexually assaulting the woman next to... More »

Cosby Goes After Judge in Appeals Filing

Lawyers for disgraced comedian outline nearly a dozen issues with his trial

(Newser) - Bill Cosby's attorneys have been hard at work trying to overturn his sexual assault conviction, and their latest move in the appeals process spells out why they think their client should be freed—as well as temporarily freed while he's waiting on more permanent liberation. Per the AP... More »

As Alleged Baylor Rapist Avoids Jail, Focus Turns to Judge

Judge Ralph Strother has a history of apparently lenient sentences for accused sexual offenders

(Newser) - A Texas judge on Monday accepted a plea deal allowing a former Baylor University student accused of raping a woman at a fraternity party to avoid serving jail time. Judge Ralph Strother accepted the plea deal for Jacob Walter Anderson, who was indicted on sexual assault charges and pleaded no... More »

Man on 'Scared Straight' Tour Was Dragged to Inmates' Cell

Canadian was raped during prison tour

(Newser) - A man who was raped during a "scared straight" prison tour in the late 1970s will get at least $131,000 for his pain and suffering—even though "the money's nothing," he tells the CBC . "It's not going to fix anything." Identified in... More »

A Harvard Student Accused of Rape Is Suing Harvard

John Doe wants Harvard to stop its investigation

(Newser) - Harvard University is investigating an alleged rape, and it's being sued in an attempt to stop it. The Boston Globe has the backstory: "John Doe" enrolled at Harvard in August 2016; that next summer, while interning "in a city hundreds of miles away from Harvard" he met... More »

DeGrasse Tyson Accused of Sexual Assault, Rape

Fox, National Geographic are investigating

(Newser) - Next up, Neil deGrasse Tyson? The world-famous astrophysicist is under investigation after two women claimed he behaved inappropriately with them—and an old rape claim re-emerged online, Deadline reports. Fox and National Geographic, the networks behind his show Cosmos, have joined the show's producers in investigating the two more... More »

'Hundreds' of Texts Could Derail Les Moonves' $120M CBS Exit

'NYT' has details of new #MeToo accusation against the ex-CBS chief

(Newser) - A "monthslong cascade of hundreds of text messages" could cost Les Moonves $120 million. That's the crux of a New York Times expose that details a triangle with the former head of CBS, a floundering Hollywood manager, and an actress who once "radiated star power"—and... More »

6 Charged With Sex Assault at All-Boys School

Toronto's St. Michael's College calls assault 'simply horrific'

(Newser) - Police arrested six students from a prestigious private all-boys Catholic school in Toronto on Monday and charged them with sexual assault related to a video that was posted on the Internet. Toronto Police Inspector Dominic Sinopoli said the teens, who are all 14 and 15, are from St. Michael's... More »

Woman: I Got Raped in Airplane Bathroom

Aubrey Lane, 32, is suing American Airlines

(Newser) - A woman who claims she was raped on an overnight flight and got little help from attendants is suing American Airlines, the Guardian reports. In a complaint filed Wednesday, 32-year-old Aubrey Lane says she was flying from Phoenix to New York in June 2017 when the man beside her ordered... More »

Why the Hot Yoga Gunman Quoted American Psycho

Scott Paul Beierle had also been arrested before

(Newser) - The man who murdered two women in a Florida yoga studio Friday had been accused of grabbing and slapping women before, the Tallahassee Democrat reports. Scott Paul Beierle, 40—who also wounded five people in the Friday attack before killing himself—was arrested in 2012 for reportedly grabbing two women... More »

Submitting to Rape Is a 'Necessity' in North Korea

HRW report describes widespread abuses of women at highest levels

(Newser) - "Having sex with men who have power over you or letting them touch all over your body is a necessity to survive." Such is the assessment of one of 62 North Korean defectors who left the country after Kim Jong Un took power in 2011 and was interviewed... More »

Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sexually Assaulting Girl, 16

She says he 'threateningly' demanded sex

(Newser) - Harvey Weinstein was accused in a civil court filing Wednesday of forcing a 16-year-old Polish model to touch his penis, subjecting her to years of harassment and emotional abuse, and blocking her from a successful acting career as payback for refusing his advances. The accuser, identified as Jane Doe, alleges... More »

Barnes & Noble Details Ex-CEO's Alleged Misdeeds

Bookseller countersues Demos Parneros, details why he was fired

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble fired Demos Parneros in July. He sued Barnes & Noble over the firing in August. Now Barnes & Noble is hitting back: The bookseller is countersuing Parneros, claiming its former CEO "breached his duties of loyalty and good faith," per Reuters . He did so, B&... More »

Case Against Weinstein Runs Into 'Horror'

NYPD detective Nicholas DiGaudio plays a central role

(Newser) - Looks like America's biggest #MeToo case is faltering. A vortex of recent developments—including a dismissed charge and a detective who apparently failed to reveal vital information—has some analysts saying Harvey Weinstein could walk scot-free, the New York Times reports. Much of it hinges on a charge by... More »

Study Finds US Cops Charged in 400 Rapes Over 9 Years

Researchers say the number is not a complete picture

(Newser) - A disturbing study out of Bowling Green State University has found that US police officers were charged in hundreds of rapes over the course of less than a decade. Per CNN , researchers behind the findings concluded that cops were charged in 405 forcible rapes in the nine years between 2005... More »

DNA Cleared Him. Now He's Suing After 129 Days in Jail

Xavier Davis says he told cops after his arrest for sexual assault: 'You have the wrong person'

(Newser) - "For whatever reason, they decided Xavier Davis was the guy." That from the lawyer for 31-year-old Davis, arrested in January as the suspect in a sexual assault in Grand Rapids, Mich. The problem: DNA evidence and Uber and phone records showed Davis wasn't the guy, and charges... More »

White Woman Falsely Accuses Black Child of Groping Her

New York City resident Teresa Klein later apologized

(Newser) - "I was just sexually assaulted by a child." So claimed a white woman outside a Brooklyn deli Wednesday as cell-phone cameras rolled and the accused black boy, who's about 9, burst into tears. Teresa Klein, 53, made the accusation in a 911 call, saying the child "... More »

Harvey Weinstein Gets Rare Good News in Court

Judge drops the part of the case against him brought by one of 3 accusers

(Newser) - Harvey Weinstein still faces charges of sexual assault, but he now faces one fewer of them. A judge in Manhattan on Thursday dismissed the allegations brought against the former Hollywood mogul by one of three women, reports Variety . An actress named Lucia Evans had accused Weinstein of forcing her to... More »

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