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12 Girls Die in Stampede During Afghan Quake

At least 30 other schoolgirls were injured in Afghanistan's Takhar province

(Newser) - The massive earthquake that shook South Asia Monday created a second tragedy in the Takhar province of Afghanistan when 12 schoolgirls rushing to escape the building they were in died in the ensuing stampede, AFP reports. Between 30 and 40 other girls were injured and taken to local hospitals, media... More »

How the Mecca Stampede Happened

'Fluid dynamics' can cause disaster, experts say

(Newser) - With crowds the size of those on the hajj pilgrimage, normality can turn to chaos and horror in a matter of minutes, according to experts who say yesterday's stampede near Mecca followed a grimly familiar pattern. A big part of the problem is "fluid dynamics—except people are... More »

Hundreds Die in Stampede at 'Stoning the Devil' Ritual

Disaster hits hajj pilgrimage once again

(Newser) - A stampede at the "stoning the devil" ritual has become the hajj pilgrimage's worst disaster in a decade. Saudi authorities say at least 717 people were killed; previous reports said at least another 450 were injured in the crush of people at Mina, near the holy city of... More »

Stampede for Free Clothes Leaves at Least 23 Dead

Dozens injured after clothing giveaway at Bangladesh factory

(Newser) - What should have been a generous charity event turned deadly today when hundreds of people stormed a free clothing giveaway, leaving at least 23 dead and dozens injured in Bangladesh, the AP reports. A senior police official says that toll could rise, since "some people had taken the bodies... More »

Shanghai Stampede Victims Mostly Young Women

Social media users blame tragedy on migrant population

(Newser) - City officials are disclosing more information about Shanghai's New Year's Eve stampede as crowds gather in the city's waterfront area to mourn the dead. AP puts the death toll at 36; all but four of the victims identified were under 25 and 21 were women, officials say,... More »

Cops: Tossed Cash Didn't Set Off Shanghai Stampede

Families demand answers after 36 fatalities

(Newser) - The death toll from last night's stampede in Shanghai has risen to 36 as families demand answers about why so many people—hundreds of thousands—were allowed to gather in one area with so little crowd control. Among the developments:
  • Lack of police: Authorities were worried days in advance
... More »

Planes Rerouted to Prevent Walrus Stampede

FAA warns media, gawkers to stay away, not spook beached animals

(Newser) - Aircraft, media, and curious folks in general have been instructed to stay far away from the 35,000 walruses crammed onto an Alaskan beach to prevent the easily spooked animals from stampeding each other to death, the Guardian reports. "When they lose their sea ice habitat and come ashore... More »

Boxing Match Stampede Kills 17

Rioting breaks out at packed stadium in Indonesia

(Newser) - When fans disagreed over scoring at an Indonesian boxing match yesterday, a fight broke out—followed by a stampede to exit the stadium that left at least 17 dead and 39 injured, Reuters reports. Most of the dead were women. Some 1,500 attended the match in Papua province, though... More »

60 Crushed to Death After Fireworks in Ivory Coast

Victims mainly children between the ages of 8 and 15

(Newser) - More NYE tragedy : At least 60 people were crushed to death in a stampede after a fireworks display in the Ivory Coast's main city of Abidjan this morning. The BBC reports that it's unclear what caused the stampede, which took place near a stadium where people had gathered... More »

Stampede Kills 3 Women at Madrid Halloween Party

Police suggest firecracker sparked stampede in crowded venue

(Newser) - A Halloween party went horribly wrong in Madrid last night, leaving three young women dead and two more in serious condition, reports El Pais . An exploding firecracker around 4am at a crowded electronic music party reportedly caused a stampede. Two women were found dead at the scene, while another died... More »

Dozens of Chinese Kids Injured in Recess Stampede

Children tumble down stairs, others rush over them

(Newser) - Dozens of elementary schoolkids were injured in western China when classes stampeded to a playground at recess. Students were racing down a stairwell at the school in Aksu city when some of them fell and the rest rushed over them to get outside, officials told AP . No deaths were reported... More »

339 Dead in Cambodian Festival Stampede

Hundreds more severely injured; 'biggest tragedy' since Khmer Rouge

(Newser) - More than 330 Cambodians died today in a stampede that broke out as some 2 million gathered for a festival to celebrate the end of the rainy season, reports the AP. Prime Minister Hun Sen said the deaths at the three-day water festival was the country's "biggest tragedy" since... More »

15 Killed At Music Festival Stampede

Daylong show in Germany turns tragic; dozens injured

(Newser) - Awful news from a daylong festival of technomusic in Germany: Police say at least 15 people were killed and dozens more injured during a crowd stampede. The panic took place in a tunnel leading to the festival grounds, where hundreds of thousands had assembled for the annual "Love Parade"... More »

Fan Stampede Mars Pre-World Cup Match

At least 15 injured just 5 days before tournament begins

(Newser) - Fans stampeded outside the gates of a stadium playing host to a World Cup warmup match today near Johannesburg, injuring at least 15. A police officer was seriously hurt as violence marred the countdown to the first African World Cup, which begins Friday. " He was crushed by the gates... More »

5 Killed in Mexican Concert Stampede

Gunshots trigger deadly rush for cover

(Newser) - A concert in the Mexican city of Guadalupe turned deadly after gunshots triggered a stampede that crushed 5 people, the BBC reports. At east 12 people were injured as the panicked crowd of 500 people rushed for cover after shots rang out. No one was shot, but police found spent... More »

41 Women, Kids Die in Kuwait Wedding Blaze

Guests stampeded to party tent's only exit

(Newser) - A fire at a wedding near Kuwait City claimed the lives of 35 women and six children today, the BBC reports. Another 60 women and children were also injured as a tent holding the wedding caught fire and caved in over the course of just 3 minutes, causing a brutal... More »

Indian Woman Killed in Eclipse Stampede

(Newser) - A woman was killed early today in a stampede at the Ganges River where thousands of devout Hindus gathered to witness a total eclipse of the sun, AP reports. Millions poured outside to see the longest eclipse of the 21st Century. But many in the superstitious nation fearfully huddled indoors... More »

11 Killed in Morocco Concert Stampede

(Newser) - At least 11 people were killed by a fan stampede after a Moroccan concert, reports the BBC. Some 40 others were injured when a wire fence collapsed, causing a mob to surge forward at the event packed with 70,000 spectators. The Rabat event was part of the week-long Mawazine... More »

22 Fans Crushed at Ivory Coast World Cup Qualifier

50,000 came to see European stars play

(Newser) - At least 22 people were killed and 132 wounded in a stampede yesterday at a packed Ivory Coast soccer match, the Telegraph reports. The panic was sparked as fans without tickets broke down a stadium wall and poured inside. Victims were treated just yards away as Ivory Coast beat Malawi... More »

Banks 'Concerned' by Top Model Melee

Working with NYPD to determine what happened

(Newser) - America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks responded—somewhat vaguely—to the weekend’s audition stampede but said she does not know what triggered the incident, CNN reports. “We are concerned by the events that occurred Saturday afternoon in the vicinity of the New York City casting call,... More »

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