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High-Tech Workers Make How Much?

In San Mateo County, Calif., they averaged $291K

(Newser) - Want to earn coin? Try being a high-tech worker in San Francisco. Their average salary leaped nearly 19% last year to $156,518, topping all cities nationwide in that job sector, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Now consider San Mateo County (which includes part of San Francisco), where last year'... More »

Zuckerberg Throws $120M Into Local Schools

Priscilla Chan says it's an 'incredibly personal issue'

(Newser) - As debate rages over Silicon Valley's gentrification of the Bay Area, Mark Zuckerberg yesterday gave parents there a reason to applaud their wealthy neighbors. The Facebook founder and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced that they're sinking $120 million into San Francisco-area schools over the next five years, the... More »

Zuckerberg's 2013 Salary: $1

Follows in Steve Jobs' footsteps

(Newser) - Steve Jobs did it; Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page did, too. Now Mark Zuckerberg is joining the ranks of the $1-a-year CEOs, Bloomberg reports. That's what the Facebook boss earned in salary last year, compared to $503,205 the year before. The low salary shouldn't hurt... More »

Zuck Down $3 Billion in Tough Week for Tech

Google, Amazon bosses see fortunes drop

(Newser) - It's been a rough week for tech stocks, and some of Silicon Valley's top figures have paid the price. Mark Zuckerberg has lost $3.1 billion, Bloomberg reports, as Facebook dropped 11%. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, meanwhile, saw their joint fortunes dip $3 billion, while... More »

12 Celebs Who Are Terrible Tippers

Allegedly, at least

(Newser) - Most celebrities are fairly rich, but that apparently being wealthy doesn't guarantee you're also generous. Radar rounds up 40 celebrity cheapskates, who've done everything from skip out on bills to renege on charity donations. Here are the 12 bad tippers from the list:
  • Tiger Woods: He's
... More »

What Is Facebook Thinking?

$19B purchase of WhatsApp raises all kinds of questions

(Newser) - Facebook just spent $19 billion —yes, that's billion, with a "b"—on a messaging app that's relatively unheralded for a service with 450 million users. Why? How? Are they crazy? Here's what people are saying:
  • The acquisition is all about teenagers, writes Cade Metz
... More »

America's Top Giver: Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder, wife gave $970M away last year

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, were the most generous American philanthropists in 2013, with a donation of 18 million shares of Facebook stock, valued at more than $970 million, to a Silicon Valley nonprofit in December. The Chronicle of Philanthropy says Zuckerberg's donation was the largest charitable... More »

Facebook Turns 10, Offers Users a 'Look Back'

Video showcases highlights of your time with the social network

(Newser) - In Internet terms, Facebook is already ancient. Today, the social network marks its 10th anniversary, and it's inviting hundreds of millions of users to share in the fun via "Look Back" videos. The project, overseen by multiple teams within the company, shows about 15 of your "most-liked"... More »

7 Celebs Who Are Notoriously Cheap

They'd like to keep their big bucks to themselves, thanks

(Newser) - Just because they make the big bucks doesn't mean they have to spend the big bucks. Radar rounds up 15 of Hollywood's biggest cheapskates. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out the complete list (including one celebrity who hoards hotel soap and shampoo) here . More »

Zuckerberg Donates Sizable Chunk of Fortune

And sells off more Facebook stock to pay his taxes

(Newser) - It may be true that people are a bit more generous around the holidays, but Mark Zuckerberg is taking that to a whole new level. Facebook's founder is once again making a hefty donation to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation: a block of Facebook stock worth $1 billion. He... More »

Zuckerberg Buys Up Neighbors' Homes for $30M

He'll lease them back to same families; this is a privacy safeguard

(Newser) - One perk of being a multibillionare: You can buy privacy—and buy your neighbors out of their homes. That's what Mark Zuckerberg has done, spending $30 million on four houses next to his own Palo Alto abode, the San Jose Mercury News reports. He doesn't have any crazy... More »

To Get the Poor Online, Let Them Have Cat Videos

Tech leaders err with their too-serious ambitions: Manu Joseph

(Newser) - It's great that Mark Zuckerberg and other tech leaders are pushing to bring Internet access to the Third World, but they need to lighten up a little, writes Manu Joseph in the New York Times . These efforts always have such oh-so-serious goals expressed in the "grave tone of... More »

America's Richest Got $800M Richer Last Year

And more facts and figures from the Forbes 400 list that will make you sad

(Newser) - Forbes has dropped its annual Forbes 400 list, full of names and numbers to make you feel even worse about the state of your bank balance. Some highlights:
  • With a net worth of $72 billion, Bill Gates is once again the richest person in America, now holding the top spot
... More »

Zuckerberg's Huge Remodel Includes $60K Greenhouse

Construction permits for his mansion add up to $1.6M

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg's crazy expensive San Francisco mansion is about to get even more crazy expensive. His contractor has taken out five construction permits that add up to more than $1.6 million in remodel costs, and workers at the house tell the San Francisco Chronicle they think the construction... More »

Zuckerberg on NSA: 'Government Blew It'

Marissa Mayer also talks government surveillance

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg and Marissa Mayer were both asked about the newly revealed NSA surveillance programs at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference yesterday, and neither had anything positive to say, the Guardian reports. "Frankly, I think the government blew it," Zuckerberg said, adding that he believes the government did a... More »

Facebook Moves to Get Planet Earth Online

And using Facebook, presumably

(Newser) - Some 4 billion people on this planet do not have Internet access, so a group of tech giants has formed a partnership with the aim of finally connecting those unfortunates to the virtual world of cat GIFs and, ahem, witty news curation websites. Spearheaded by Facebook, the partnership, called Internet.... More »

Facebook Hacker Hijacks Zuckerberg's Wall

His bug report was ignored

(Newser) - After Facebook engineers ignored his warning of a bug that allowed users to bypass privacy settings to post on anybody's timeline, a hacker managed to get some fast attention by using the bug on Mark Zuckerberg's page. "First sorry for breaking your privacy and post to your... More »

Facebook Stock Nears a Milestone

It surges 30%, inches closer to IPO price

(Newser) - Don't look now, but Facebook is thisclose to erasing the year-plus embarrassment of having a stock price below its IPO price. Shares boomed about 30% today to close at $34.36, getting within striking distance of the $38 IPO mark, reports MarketWatch . In fact, this is Facebook's best... More »

2 Big Names Bail on Zuckerberg Advocacy Group

Elon Musk is one, angry over ads supporting Keystone pipeline

(Newser) - The advocacy group spearheaded by Mark Zuckerberg on immigration reform is down two high-profile players from Silicon Valley because of an ad strategy that has angered environmental and liberal groups, reports Reuters . The bigger name to leave is Tesla CEO Elon Musk. "I agreed to support because... More »

Facebook Cracks Fortune 500 List

Walmart takes No. 1

(Newser) - Fortune released its annual Fortune 500 rankings today, determining once again which American companies are best at capitalism in 2013. Notable takeaways include:
  • Walmart reclaimed the No. 1 position with a revenue of $469.2 billion, sending oil companies Exxon Mobil ($449.9 billion), Chevron ($233.9 billion) and
... More »

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