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Facebook Pays $7.3M for Extra Zuckerberg Need

Apparently the world's richest man needs a little protection

(Newser) - Facebook's CEO may have earned a paltry $1 salary last year, but he still doesn't come cheap. The world's biggest social media network increased spending on Mark Zuckerberg's security by 50% in 2017, paying over $7.3 million to keep him safe, the Guardian reports. The... More »

One Question Illustrates Why Congress Can't Fix Facebook

Lawmakers just don't seem to understand how the company works

(Newser) - Now that Mark Zuckerberg has finished two days of testimony on Capitol Hill, one clear theme is emerging in coverage after the fact: Members of Congress, particularly senators in their 70s and 80s, seem to lack a fundamental understanding of how the company works. That should "give everyone serious... More »

Mark Zuckerberg Gets Grilled in Congressional Hearing Round 2

Members of Congress seemed better prepared on Wednesday

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg appeared to endure a tougher round of questioning in the House of Representatives on Wednesday than he did Tuesday in the Senate. While CNN called Tuesday's Senate hearing on the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal "softball," the Facebook CEO received a more intense grilling in... More »

Zuckerberg Says He Was One of the 87M

Facebook CEO's own data was scooped up by Cambridge Analytica

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg was back on Capitol Hill Wednesday, and he told lawmakers in a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing that his own Facebook information was compromised in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with Zuckerberg numbering as one of the 87 million users whose data was shared. Reuters reports he didn'... More »

'Your User Agreement Sucks': Big Moments From Zuck Testimony

Everything you need to know about Mark Zuckerberg's day on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - The first couple hours of Mark Zuckerberg's Senate testimony Tuesday were, as Time puts it, "tedious." Lawmakers' questions made it clear they don't quite understand all the ins and outs of social media (the Week says Zuck spent a fair amount of time explaining how the... More »

Zuckerberg Confirms Facebook Is Working With Robert Mueller

Facebook founder says he has not been personally interviewed

(Newser) - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, testifying before Congress Tuesday, said his company is "working with" special counsel Robert Mueller in his probe into Russian interference, the AP reports. Earlier this year Mueller charged 13 Russian individuals and three Russian companies in a plot to interfere in the 2016 presidential election... More »

Zuckerberg to Congress: 'My Mistake, and I'm Sorry'

Facebook CEO releases remarks ahead of testimony

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg gets grilled by two congressional committees this week over the company's lax protection of users' information , and the Facebook CEO has released his prepared testimony in advance. Zuckerberg will offer a mea culpa similar to the one he's been offering in recent days to various media... More »

Facebook Takes Steps to Combat Election Interference

'They will make it a lot harder for anyone to do what the Russians did'

(Newser) - Facebook on Friday announced new moves it says will help combat foreign interference in US elections, the New York Times reports. Going forward, anyone in the US buying political ads on Facebook must submit government-issued ID and a US mailing address. Facebook will later roll the new requirements out to... More »

Apologies Are Not Enough, Zuck: It's Time to Step Down

It would 'benefit the planet as a whole,' writes Felix Salmon

(Newser) - With pressure mounting on Mark Zuckerberg, he has taken responsibility for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He has apologized . He has apparently agreed to testify before a House committee. But that's not enough for Felix Salmon: "Zuckerberg’s resignation would open up the possibility of a world-changing and reputation-enhancing... More »

Next Week, a Congressional Grilling for Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO to testify next Wednesday in front of House committee on his site's use of user data

(Newser) - The leaders of a House oversight committee say Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the panel next Wednesday. In an announcement Wednesday, Reps. Greg Walden and Frank Pallone say the hearing will focus on Facebook's "use and protection of user data." Facebook is facing scrutiny over... More »

Zuckerberg to 'Frenemy' Tim Cook: You're 'Extremely Glib'

Says Apple CEO's remarks aren't 'aligned with the truth' after he slams Facebook's 'monetized' users

(Newser) - "Has Facebook become too big to manage, and too dangerous when it fails?" muses Vox co-founder Ezra Klein in introducing an interview released Monday with Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg. And one of the topics in that chat makes Zuckerberg bristle: a recent slam by Apple CEO Tim Cook, described... More »

Facebook Exec: Our Actions Worth It, Even If People Die

He defends 'questionable' tactics in 2016 memo

(Newser) - Questionable business tactics—and even deaths—are justified if it helps Facebook achieve its mission of connecting people, a top exec argues in a memo titled "The Ugly" that has resurfaced at a very inconvenient time for the company. In the 2016 memo obtained by BuzzFeed , Andrew "Boz"... More »

MP: It's 'Absolutely Astonishing' Zuckerberg Won't Testify

Facebook founder has declined 3 invitations

(Newser) - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has declined an invitation to testify in front of Britain's parliament after a series of privacy scandals for the social media site, and one member of parliament is calling his refusal "absolutely astonishing." Damian Collins, chair of the parliamentary committee looking into fake... More »

Facebook Buys Full-Page Apology Ads

'I promise to do better for you,' Zuckerberg says

(Newser) - Facebook's CEO apologized for the Cambridge Analytica scandal with ads in multiple US and British newspapers Sunday, saying the social media platform doesn't deserve to hold personal information if it can't protect it. The ads signed by Mark Zuckerberg said a quiz app built by a Cambridge... More »

Creator of World Wide Web Has Advice for Zuckerberg

'You can fix it,' says Tim Berners-Lee

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg is promising better protection for users after the Cambridge Analytica mess , and he made a statement during a CNN interview Wednesday night that's drawing some attention. "I actually am not sure we shouldn't be regulated," he said of Facebook, adding that it's more... More »

'Time for Zuckerberg to Stop Hiding Behind His Facebook Page'

The Cambridge Analytica incident picks up steam

(Newser) - It's variously being called one of the biggest data leaks in Facebook history and "unequivocally not a data breach." And it has lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic clamoring for answers. This weekend thrust Cambridge Analytica into the spotlight: In 2014, some 270,000 Facebook users... More »

Trump Still a Multi-Billionaire, but His Ranking Tumbles

He falls to No. 766 in newest ranking by 'Forbes'

(Newser) - President Trump probably won't be happy to see Forbes ' 2018 ranking of the world's richest people—he has fallen from No. 544 to No. 766. The list pegs Trump's fortune at $3.1 billion, $400 million less than in 2017. Forbes notes that New York City'... More »

'I Am Ashamed,' Read the Email. Then Facebook's Problems Grew

An 11K-word 'Wired' piece delves into Facebook's 'tumultuous two years'

(Newser) - "I am disappointed. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed." So read an email Roger McNamee sent to Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg just days before the 2016 election. McNamee is the Zuckerberg mentor who convinced the Facebook CEO to hire Sandberg in the first place, and as an... More »

He Took a 'Very Unusual' Job at Facebook, Decided to Quit

What it's like to track the perception of Mark Zuckerberg full-time

(Newser) - Tavis McGinn spent six months doing a "very unusual" job at Facebook then decided he just didn't want to do it anymore. "I didn't feel proud to tell people I worked at Facebook," he tells the Verge . "I didn't feel I was helping... More »

Jim Carrey Calls for Facebook Boycott

He deletes account, says investors should dump stock

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg isn't going to like Jim Carrey's latest remarks: The actor says he's getting rid of his Facebook shares and deleting his page—and he wants other people to follow suit, CNBC reports. "I'm dumping my @facebook stock and deleting my page because @facebook... More »

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