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Chavez Quietly Courts Western Oil Firms

Falling oil prices force Venezuelan prez to swallow his pride

(Newser) - The falling price of oil is forcing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to quietly make overtures to the Western oil companies he used to harass and shun, reports the New York Times. Chavez needs the foreign expertise and purchasing power to help boost Venezuela's declining production and income. The lure of... More »

Venezuelan Prez Threatens to Cut Off US Oil

If Exxon wins court action seeking assets, Chavez vows revenge

(Newser) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is threatening to cut off US oil supplies if Exxon Mobil wins a court ruling to seize billions of dollars in Venezuelan assets, AP reports. The Texas-based oil giant has challenged Venezuela’s efforts to nationalize a multi-billion-dollar oil project, and the fiery leader promised an... More »

2 Stories