fetal development

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Shorter Women Tend to Have Shorter Pregnancies

Maternal height appears to influence gestational age

(Newser) - The height and weight of a newborn baby is largely governed by his or her own genes, but it's the height of the mother that's giving researchers a telltale sign, reports the Telegraph . Specifically, shorter women have shorter pregnancies and thus more premature babies, report investigators at the... More »

Prenatal Binge Drinking May Have Little Risk, Study Finds

Consistent booze more harmful than occasional

(Newser) - Pregnant women have been told to avoid alcohol for decades, but a new study suggests that occasional drinking and even a binge now and then could be OK, ABC News reports. Researchers at Oxford University looked at 35 years of studies and found no consistent link between sporadic binge drinking... More »

Common Chemicals Boost Disease Risk

Scientists tie brief early exposure to laundry list of ailments

(Newser) - Beginning in the womb, exposure to common substances increases the likelihood of numerous health problems—including cancer, ADD, Parkinson's and obesity—years and even generations later, international environmental scientists say. Two hundred prominent experts yesterday took the unusual step of calling for intervention by governments, even those that have downplayed... More »

3 Stories