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10 Awful Things We'd Do for Money

Murder, sex, assault, treason, pornography, and so much more

(Newser) - Judging by the skyrocketing Powerball jackpot , Americans are willing to turn a blind eye to statistics in the pursuit of easy money. But it turns out that's not the worst thing we'd do for a payday. "Many Americans admit they would be willing to go to incredible,... More »

Porn Site's Scholarship Goes to Middle-Aged Mom

Her boss is accused of trying to have her killed

(Newser) - MaryAnn Uribe has had a rough few years. In 2014, for instance, her former employer allegedly tried to have her killed. But, thanks to a purveyor of Internet pornography, things are looking up for the 48-year-old mother of two in San Antonio, Texas. Uribe has been announced as the recipient... More »

Unique Porn Startup Battles 'Silicon Valley Prudes'

'Make Love Not Porn' is barred from usual tools of business because of content

(Newser) - It's a story about a pornography startup trying to make a go of it, but this one has a few unique twists. As a profile in Priceonomics explains, entrepreneur Cindy Gallop has a message behind her Make Love Not Porn video platform: She's worried about "the creeping... More »

New James Deen Accusers Detail On-Set Attacks

2 more women come forward, say porn star raped them while filming

(Newser) - Two more porn stars have come forward with accusations of assault against James Deen , and they're extremely disturbing. Both allegedly took place on porn sets, while filming, and the Daily Beast has the details:
  • Amber Rayne says that, while filming her first scene with Deen, she called him a
... More »

Porn Stars Accuse James Deen of Rape, Assault

A firestorm is brewing around the adult-film star

(Newser) - Adult film star (and Lindsay Lohan co-star ) James Deen has been hailed as a feminist and as porn's "boy next door," but over the past few days a much more troubling persona has emerged. As Vice reports, a number of porn stars have accused Deen of... More »

Lawsuit: Airbnb User Unwittingly Hosted Porn Shoot

Woman says California mansion was littered with evidence of it when she returned

(Newser) - Built on the tail end of the Roaring Twenties, the Acacia Mansion in Ojai, Calif., likely has been the scene of many a Gatsby-esque party. But, after allegedly serving as the set for a five-day fetish porno shoot last August, it’s safe to say that the bar for wild... More »

No More Porn at Hyatt

No more on-demand movies in hotels

(Newser) - Hyatt Hotels will no longer offer on-demand pornographic movies in its rooms across 618 properties in 51 countries. "This content will not be introduced to any new Hyatt hotels, and it will be discontinued or phased out at all hotels," the company said Wednesday. Hyatt is just the... More »

Online Porn Isn't Behind Playboy's Troubles

It's more about an outdated fantasy lifestyle, writes essayist

(Newser) - In announcing that it would no longer run nude photos in print or online, Playboy explained that the pervasiveness of online porn forced its hand. But at the New Republic , Jeet Heer makes the case that more is at play here regarding that remarkable decision—perhaps the end of an... More »

New Report Reveals LA High School Let Porn Film There

Officials say they were 'misled' by makers of Revenge of the Petites

(Newser) - The Los Angeles school district temporarily banned production companies from filming on its properties after an investigative report from NBC Los Angeles on Thursday revealed that a pornographic movie had been shot at one of its high schools a few years ago. Revenge of the Petites was filmed at Alexander... More »

Porn App Snaps User's Photo, Demands Ransom

Welcome to so-called 'ransomware'

(Newser) - If you've used Adult Player, sorry to hear it: It's an Android porn app that takes a photo of you with the phone's front-facing camera, immobilizes the device, and demands a $500 payment via a locked ransom screen to fix the phone and delete the photo. This... More »

This Porn Site Wants to Help Pay Your College Tuition

Pornhub is feeling generous, offering a $25K scholarship

(Newser) - If you're 18 or older, have a 3.2 GPA or higher, and are heading back to college this fall, there's a new scholarship opportunity you should know about, provided you don't mind taking money from a porn site that boasts of 79 billion online video views... More »

Cops Bust Drone Delivery of Porn DVDs, Drugs to Prison

2 men face charges; charges also expected against an inmate

(Newser) - Someone inside Maryland's Western Correctional Institution will be waiting a long time for his porn delivery. Officials say two men have become the first in the state to be charged with attempting to deliver contraband items to a prison via drone after they were found with a Yuneec Typhoon... More »

India Does U-Turn on Porn Ban

Hundreds of websites unblocked

(Newser) - The Indian Express describes banning online pornography in a country of 1.25 billion people as a "herculean task," and it is one the Indian government has decided to abandon. A pornography ban introduced this week caused outrage, with some likening the government to the Taliban, and access... More »

Heinz Contest Leads Customer to Porn Site

Company let domain expire after promotion expired

(Newser) - Heinz has just learned an embarrassing marketing lesson. A customer in Germany scanned the QR code on a bottle to take part in the company's design-your-own-label contest, reports the Local . Except the website that came up wasn't for the contest, it was for a hard-core porn site. The... More »

Dolezal's Next Move: Reality TV?

There's also a $50K porn offer on the table

(Newser) - Days after stepping down from her post at the NAACP, Rachel Dolezal may already be in talks for a new gig: her own reality show. Dolezal has reportedly been "offered two reality shows from different production companies," a source tells Radar Online . "The offers were made last... More »

CIA Responds to FOIA Request ... on Osama's Porn

Sorry folks, it's classified

(Newser) - What kind of porn might be classified? The stuff watched by Osama bin Laden. A blogger at the men's website BroBible filed a, er, colorful Freedom of Information Act request with the CIA to get the details on the "pornographic material" found among bin Laden's stuff. (The... More »

Politician Caught Watching Porn at Awkward Moment

Joao Rodrigues flicked through porn during debate in Brazil

(Newser) - Who needs electoral reform when there's lots to watch online—particularly images and videos involving naked people? That may have been Joao Rodrigues' line of thought when the Brazilian politician was caught watching porn on his phone during a parliamentary debate, the Independent reports. Local media shot video of... More »

Baltimore City Worker Spent Half His Time Watching Porn

Ogled DVD for 39 hours over 2 weeks; also, he was fired

(Newser) - Toiling for eight hours a day at the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant certainly doesn't sound like a ton of fun. But if you're a City of Baltimore employee, it would probably behoove you not to a) bring a porn DVD in to pass the time, and b)... More »

Porn, Video Games Causing 'Masculinity Crisis': Shrink

Phillip Zimbardo says men are suffering 'new form of addiction'

(Newser) - Video games, pornography, and social isolation are an unhealthy mix for today's young men, according to a leading psychologist. Phillip Zimbardo, a professor emeritus at Stanford University, makes his warnings in his new book, Man (Dis)Connected—which includes the results of an in-depth study of 20,000 young men,... More »

Revenge-Porn Guy Gets 18 Years

Kevin Bollaert, 28, shows little emotion in San Diego courtroom

(Newser) - The man behind a "revenge porn" website was sentenced yesterday to 18 years in prison for posting thousands of private photos and charging women to have them removed, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Kevin Bollaert, 28, was convicted last month of 27 felony counts—21 for identity theft and... More »

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