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Porn Doesn't Desensitize Guys, Cause ED: Study

If anything, porn-watchers responded 'more strongly'

(Newser) - There's been a lot of talk in recent years about porn wreaking all sorts of havoc in the bedroom, including desensitizing guys to sexual stimuli and causing erectile dysfunction. Researchers at UCLA and Concordia University put this link between a man's erectile function and his porn-watching habits to... More »

10 Weird Ways Technology Is Changing Our Sex Lives

It's a brave new sexy world

(Newser) - Too many gadgets in the bedroom can kill a couple's sex life, but technology is also changing and, in some cases, improving the way people relate to each other sexually. Below are 10 ways in which technology is transforming the way we think about—or have—sex.
  1. Lab-grown vaginas
... More »

Kansas Might Make It Easier to Prosecute Teachers

Educators may soon be on the hook for using 'harmful materials' in lesson plans

(Newser) - Kansas Democrats said they were caught "unprepared" by a discussion on a controversial bill, and now it's too late to make any amendments before it goes to a final vote. Senate Bill 56 would make it easier to prosecute teachers and school administrators in Kansas who use "... More »

Vatican Probes Own Child-Porn Cases

(Newser) - The Vatican investigated two cases of child pornography possession in the past year, officials said yesterday. The chief prosecutor of the Vatican city state's criminal tribunal, Gian Piero Milano, cited the two cases in a speech summarizing the tribunal's work in 2014. The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico... More »

China Arrests 30K in Porn, Gambling Crackdown

Campaign to 'clean up Internet' continues

(Newser) - A sweeping crackdown on porn and illegal gambling has resulted in more than 30,000 arrests in a single Chinese province, authorities say. In the latest wave of arrests in Guangdong province, more than 8,000 people were detained during operations that included smashing a $5 million online gambling ring,... More »

Murderer Sues Connecticut Over Prison Porn Ban

Conn. man says ban being used to deny him art book

(Newser) - Dwight Pink Jr. has a few decades left to serve of his 56-year murder sentence, and he doesn't want to spend all that time without nude pictures. The Connecticut inmate is suing the state in federal court over its 2011 ban on "pictorial depictions of sexual activity or... More »

Porn Email Scandal Sinks Pennsylvania Lawmakers

2 gubernatorial administration employees step down

(Newser) - Unwise work move: sending emails with subject lines like "Bikini Wax Job." Or so a group of current and former employees of Pennsylvania's attorney general's office have learned. The porn email scandal broke last week, when current Attorney General Kathleen Kane revealed that during a review... More »

Positive HIV Test Again Halts Porn Filming

Unidentified actor prompts new moratorium

(Newser) - Another porn actor has tested positive for HIV, which may refuel arguments in favor of mandatory condoms in the industry. In the meantime, industry trade group the Free Speech Coalition has placed a moratorium on new filming until everyone who worked with the unidentified actor can be tested, reports the... More »

After the Virginity Pledge: Really Conflicted Husbands

Sociologist explores aftermath of virginity pledges

(Newser) - When men who take virginity pledges are taught that sex before marriage is beastly and wrong but sex after marriage is a gift from God, these very disparate messages can lead to problems down the road. So reports a sociologist who since 2008 has been studying 15 men in a... More »

Posting Nude 'Revenge' Pics Now a Felony in Arizona

Images can be considered domestic violence

(Newser) - Arizona is the latest state to outlaw so-called "revenge porn," making it a felony to post sexually compromising images of your ex online without her or his consent. Those who post such images, often as a means of humiliating former partners, may face a minimum of six months... More »

Watching Porn Linked to Brain Differences

Study: But it's not clear whether it's a cause or effect

(Newser) - Men who watch porn tend to be a little different in the head—literally. A German study of 64 men between the ages of 21 and 45 that made use of MRIs found that the more porn they reported watching, the smaller the volume of the brain area associated with... More »

Germans Must Destroy Erotic Photos of Ex-Lovers

...if said ex requests the images be deleted, a court rules

(Newser) - Ready to ditch your significant other but a little worried about those, ahem, erotic photos you posed for? If only you lived in Germany... A German court on Tuesday ruled that intimate videos and photographs must be deleted if they are of the owner’s former partner and that ex-partner... More »

Zimbabwe Busts Former US Rep on Porn Charge

Melvin Reynolds resigned in '95 over statutory rape conviction

(Newser) - A former US congressman was arrested in Zimbabwe yesterday on alleged porn possession and immigration violations, the AP reports. Melvin Jay Reynolds is an Illinois Democrat who resigned from his House of Representatives seat in 1995 after being convicted of 12 counts of statutory rape (specifically, NBC New York reports,... More »

BYU Compares Masturbation to ...Combat

Satellite campus releases bizarre video

(Newser) - Well, this is weird. Brigham Young University's satellite campus in Idaho recently released a video urging students to report friends who are ... masturbating too much. And if that wasn't quite bizarre enough, the video also compares the self-love problem to warfare, the Daily Beast reports. The video centers... More »

Things You Can't Buy With a Credit Card (Like Pot)

MarketWatch rounds up 10 examples where plastic is forbidden

(Newser) - Don't give up on cash just yet: There are plenty of items that remain difficult or impossible to get with your credit card, MarketWatch reports. Ten reasons you may want to keep going to the ATM:
  • Neither Visa, MasterCard, nor American Express will let you buy marijuana with plastic,
... More »

Teen: I Was Suspended for Role in X-Rated Film

School says discipline tied to 'possible threats' by Robert Marucci

(Newser) - A Florida 18-year-old says he was suspended after word got out that he had appeared in pornographic material—a job he took to help his family financially, he told WKMG . But the school district says the story is more complicated. Once other students found out about the X-rated film, they... More »

The NSA Is Tracking People's Porn Habits

In the hopes of discrediting terrorist recruiters

(Newser) - Forget email and phone data, the NSA is officially spying on something people really want to keep private: their porn history. The spy agency has proposed discrediting radical Islamists who might be attempting to radicalize others by publicly airing any dirty laundry that might make them look like hypocrites, including... More »

Why Rape Fantasies Should Be Legal

Ironically, the UK's proposed ban is an assault on consent, Tracy Clark-Flory argues

(Newser) - The UK is considering banning porn that depicts rape —not just actual rape, but simulated rape scenes between actual consenting adults. And that distinction matters a whole lot, writes Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon . "In general, the BDSM scene … is smarter about consent and negotiation than the vanilla... More »

1 in 10 Young People Admits Sexual Violence

Study finds shocking level of sexual assaults among those 14 to 21

(Newser) - Sexual violence is frighteningly common among young people between ages 14 and 21, according to a new study. Almost a tenth of young people admit perpetrating at least one act of sexual violence and 4% say they have attempted or completed rape, researchers found after speaking to more than a... More »

Porn Industry Will Resume Filming After HIV Scare

Trade group says actors will now get tested every 2 weeks

(Newser) - The porn industry is getting back to business this week: A self-imposed moratorium on filming ends Friday, reports the Los Angeles Times . Industry trade group the Free Speech Coalition put the moratorium in place after three actors tested positive for HIV, but the coalition says it's confident the danger... More »

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