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Office Depot, OfficeMax Reach Merger Deal

All-stock deal valued at $1.2 billion

(Newser) - Well, that was fast. Office Depot and OfficeMax have agreed to merge, they announced today, just one day after news leaked that they were in talks to do so. It will be an all-stock deal, with OfficeMax shareholders getting 2.69 shares of Office Depot for every share they own.... More »

OfficeMax, Office Depot Talk Merger

Struggling firms seek boost against, you know, Amazon

(Newser) - OfficeMax and Office Depot could be close to a merger, the Wall Street Journal reports: They're deep into talks and, while there are no guarantees, they could announce the deal within days. The arrangement would likely be via stock trade. Both companies have struggled over the past few years... More »

10 Companies That'll Be Dead by 2012

Even household names like Sara Lee unlikely to survive

(Newser) - The economic crisis can be blamed for the death of quite a few large companies already—think Circuit City, Northwest Airlines, and Countrywide—so which ones can we expect to go bye-bye this year? Here are 10 American companies that seem unlikely to survive, from 24/7 Wall St. via Daily... More »

Top Executive Salaries Soar

Gap between the CEO and the cubicle is wider than ever

(Newser) - The top bananas of the corporate world are taking in more income in relation to their immediate subordinates than ever before, the Times reports. Wealth is concentrating among the business elite but staying somewhat stagnant among more middling execs—the average gap between #1 and #3 has more than tripled... More »

4 Stories