USS Nimitz

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US Strike Group Headed to Red Sea, Syria

Major naval force assembling in eastern Med

(Newser) - While President Obama waits for Congress to vote on a strike on Syria , the US is building up its naval force in the region. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and its strike group are now moving toward the Red Sea to be in place if it is needed, Reuters... More »

US Navy Hauls in 10 Tons of Pot

Smugglers dump load when spotted off Mexican coast

(Newser) - Smugglers dumped at least 10 tons of marijuana in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico after they were spotted by troops on an aircraft carrier, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune . Starboard lookouts on the USS Nimitz carrier watched two suspicious boats as sailors started dumping black plastic bags... More »

Russian Bombers Harry US Ship

Yank fighters scramble to intercept jets

(Newser) - US fighter jets intercepted Russian bombers near the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz south of Japan today, Reuters reports. In an apparently tense moment, one of the Russian "Bear" bombers flew over the deck of the carrier. Four US F18 fighters took off from the Nimitz to escort the hostile... More »

3 Stories