Queen of Soul

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Divas Renew Royal Rumble

(Newser) - The Aretha Franklin-Tina Turner feud has taken another dissonant turn, USA Today reports. Beyoncé referred to Turner as "the queen" at the Grammy Awards—yes, that was 8 months ago—and Turner stirred things up again last week, saying: "There were so many kings and queens there... More »

Aretha Sings Foreclosure Blues

Lawyer's $445 tax mistake puts Franklin's Detroit pad at risk

(Newser) - Aretha Franklin’s mansion is in foreclosure after the Queen of Soul flubbed her taxes, TMZ.com reports. Franklin owes $19,192 in back taxes, but she says she’ll pay before the March 31 deadline. The singer faults her lawyer for a 2005 mistake over $445 in taxes and... More »

Aretha to Beyonce: I Am Queen

Queen of Soul slams 'cheap shot' at Grammys

(Newser) - R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out what it means, Beyonce. That's the message "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin fired off after baby-diva Beyonce introduced singer Tina Turner as "the queen" at the Grammys. Turner is sometimes called the queen of rock 'n' roll, but Franklin wasn't having it. "I am... More »

3 Stories