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McCain's 'TMZ Campaign' Is Risky Business

Candidate bets America's celebrity resentment outweighs admiration

(Newser) - John McCain's attack ads on the "biggest celebrity in the world" depend on Americans loving to hate stars more than they admire them, writes James Poniewozik in Time. If the tactic works, it will shift Barack Obama’s best asset into a Republican secret weapon—but "snark aside,... More »

Biblical Images in McCain Ad Evoke Antichrist

Web video's intimations about Obama draw Christians' ire

(Newser) - A John McCain campaign ad appears to play into Internet buzz about Barack Obama as the Antichrist, Time reports, and the spot's biblical flavor has Christian Democrats up in arms. McCain reps have called the ad “creative” and “humorous,” but it uses language evocative of the popular... More »

New Attack Vid: 'Hotties Only Hook Up With Dems'

Latest strategy to take the White House

(Newser) - Republicans can't get no satisfaction—at least according to several anti-McCain videos set to air on YouTube by pro-Dem marketing group Truth Through Action. The premier video features a steamy bedroom romp that turns suddenly icy when a hot bar date discovers an autographed McCain photo in a nightstand. As... More »

Obama's Youth Army Takes Aim at Mom and Dad

Kids cajole elders on behalf of superstar candidate

(Newser) - Barack Obama has a secret weapon in winning over undecided voters: their children, who have glommed onto the Illinois senator as they would a rock star. Voters from both parties tell the New York Times that their issue has turned them around on the issues—or at least turned them... More »

How Obama Is Like a Dot-Com

Politics of hope are a bubble waiting to burst

(Newser) - Barack Obama may be generating excitement across America, but so did tech stocks during the late-'90s bubble, writes Der Spiegel’s Gabor Steingart. "The rhetoric all sounds strangely familiar," he warns, comparing Obama’s campaign to that absurd era in the market’s history. Just as the bubble... More »

Hillary Finds Herself in Rudy's Spot

Will Ohio, Texas voters hold out against Obama-mentum?

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s nomination bid suddenly resembles the plan that failed Rudy Giuliani: Like Hizzoner’s Florida firewall, Clinton must hope voters in Texas and Ohio are unaffected by a month of good news for Barack Obama. Clinton still leads polls in the big states that vote March 4, and... More »

The Playbook for a Comeback

Strategists outline how they'd take back momentum for Clinton's campaign

(Newser) - Can she get back on her feet before she’s counted out? The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza asked Democratic strategists how Hillary Clinton could regain momentum in her faltering campaign. The four-point play:
  • Follow Bill’s “It’s the economy, stupid” lead: Put out a "white paper"
... More »

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