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Democratic Rep: 'Not All' in GOP Are Racist

But party has 'elements animated by racism': Steve Israel

(Newser) - Does Democratic Rep. Steve Israel think his "Republican colleagues are racist"? His reply to Candy Crowley's question on CNN yesterday: "Not all of them, no. Of course not," said the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. But "to a significant extent, the Republican... More »

Senate OKs More Jobless Benefits

But Boehner spokesman says House isn't interested

(Newser) - After months of knocking heads, the US Senate voted today 59-38 to revive jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed—but the bill's fate in the House looks hazy at best, the AP reports. A small group of GOP senators quickly reached out to House Speaker John Boehner, urging him... More »

Inside the Very Awkward End to the Debt-Ceiling Wars

Boehner made his announcement, and no one clapped

(Newser) - John Boehner ended the debt ceiling wars yesterday, but his fellow Republicans didn't exactly throw him a parade. The Washington Post today has an excruciatingly awkward account of how Boehner broke the news to his caucus at a private breakfast yesterday morning. "Listen—we're going to move... More »

End of an Era? House GOP Skips Fight on Debt Cap

Republicans allow ceiling to increase without strings

(Newser) - House Republicans backed away from a battle over the government's debt cap today and permitted Democrats to drive quick passage of a measure to increase the government's borrowing cap without any concessions from the White House. The 221-201 vote came hours after Speaker John Boehner announced that his... More »

Boehner Calls No-Strings Vote on Debt Ceiling

Boehner drops plan for military pension rider

(Newser) - With the clock ticking, House Republicans ditched their last attempt to tie a policy rider to the debt ceiling today. John Boehner told fellow Republicans that he would instead bring a "clean" bill to the floor, raising the debt ceiling without conditions, the Wall Street Journal reports. Yesterday, Boehner... More »

House GOP Leaders Back Legal Status for Immigrants

But not citizenship or a 'special path'; younger illegals could get citizenship

(Newser) - House Republican leaders issued a set of principles today on immigration reform, and the consensus seems to be that they offer enough wiggle room to get a deal done this year. Some highlights:
  • Legal status: Many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants now in the country would be able to
... More »

Dems Raising a Ruckus Over Jobless Benefits

President Obama plans to keep issue in the news

(Newser) - President Obama plans to climb the bully pulpit this week and hammer Congress—but really, just congressional Republicans—for failing to extend long-term unemployment benefits. The White House has concocted a plan to keep the issue in the news on a daily basis, Politico reports. Tomorrow, Obama will invite a... More »

GOP Looks Ready to Sabotage Itself Again

'Wall Street Journal' editors say budget standoff could negate ObamaCare gains

(Newser) - The conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal sounds pretty hopeful that the troubles of ObamaCare will translate into solid GOP gains in next year's midterms. But the editors also see signs that Republicans are going to once again blow it with a "stupid, futile budget standoff.... More »

GOP Plots All-Out War on ObamaCare

Democrats, meanwhile will attack 'CruzCare'

(Newser) - If it sounds like Republicans are reading from the same playbook in their ObamaCare offensive, it's because they are. A memo sent to House Republicans this week detailed an unusually focused attack plan, the New York Times explains. Republicans are to focus en masse on one of the program'... More »

Congressman in Coke Bust to Take Leave, Donate Salary

Radel's downfall is good news for sheep ranchers

(Newser) - In a move that a certain Canadian mayor could probably learn a little from, Rep. Trey Radel plans to take a leave of absence—and surrender his pay—while he is being treated for addiction problems. The freshman Republican, sentenced to a year of probation after pleading guilty to cocaine... More »

Fla. Rep. Pleads Guilty to Coke Charges

Judge gives Florida's Trey Radel a year of probation

(Newser) - Congressman Henry "Trey" Radel pleaded guilty to cocaine possession today, but will avoid jail time. A DC Superior Court judge sentenced the freshman Republican from Florida to one year of probation, and ordered him to receive drug treatment in his home state, the Washington Post reports. Radel had already... More »

House GOP Starts Longshot Move to Impeach Holder

Lawmakers cite Fast and Furious, same-sex marriage

(Newser) - Ten angry men and Michele Bachmann have launched a longshot bid to impeach Attorney General Eric Holder. The group of conservative House Republicans plans to formally introduce the articles of impeachment today, calling for Holder's removal for refusing to turn over documents in the Operation Fast and Furious scandal,... More »

Another Big GOP Fight Looms: Immigration

Lobbying blitz next week could raise new tensions

(Newser) - Republicans in Congress might still be smarting over the fallout from the shutdown, but the New York Times reports that another potential "schism" for the party is right around the corner—immigration reform. Conservatives vow to block any legislation from passing the House, while John Boehner and others support... More »

Believe It or Not, the GOP Is Winning

The whole policy discussion is still being held on their terms

(Newser) - Republicans may look like they're cleaning egg off their face right now. "House Republicans have suffered a huge tactical defeat of their own devising," writes George Packer at the New Yorker . "But in a larger sense, the Republicans are winning, and have been for the past... More »

It's Over: House Passes Senate-Backed Deal

Obama signs bill: We need to stop 'governing by crisis'

(Newser) - Federal workers, prepare to rejoin the morning commute. The Senate tonight passed its bill to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling by a vote of 81-18, the AP reports; the House backed the bill 285-144, just hours before the Treasury would have lost its authority to borrow... More »

Boehner: House Won't Block Senate's Deal

'We fought the good fight; we just didn't win,' says speaker; vote will be tonight

(Newser) - It looks like DC's impasse over the shutdown and debt ceiling will indeed end tonight. John Boehner says the House won't block the deal that emerged from the Senate earlier today, reports the Washington Post . He promised that Republicans would continue to try to rein in ObamaCare and... More »

Senate Deal Announced

'This is far less than many of us had hoped for frankly,' McConnell says

(Newser) - Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have reached a bipartisan deal to end the government shutdown and lift the debt ceiling, they announced in Senate floor speeches today. "This is far less than many of us had hoped for frankly," McConnell said. "But it's far better than... More »

Republicans, Get This Over With

'Wall Street Journal' doesn't think the GOP played this well

(Newser) - The Senate deal that should end the government shutdown and avoid a fiscal crisis isn't here a moment too soon for the Wall Street Journal . "Both sides are looking like losers," the paper's editors write in a scathing editorial today, but they heap most of their... More »

More Chaos: House Punts, Senate Reopens Talks

Onus back on Reid, McConnell as Thursday deadline nears

(Newser) - Back to you, senators. House Republican efforts to pass legislation averting a Treasury default and ending a government shutdown collapsed tonight. Just hours after unveiling it, John Boehner and Republican leaders—apparently lacking votes from their own conservative rank-and-file—pulled the legislation. So now what? The Senate talks that were... More »

Boehner, Obama Done Talking; All Eyes on Senate

Speaker tells Republicans that House negotiations have ended

(Newser) - The last few days have seen the focus of the shutdown/debt ceiling talks shift toward the Senate, and this morning's developments make that shift complete: John Boehner told his troops that House Republican negotiations with the White House are finished because the two sides couldn't strike a deal,... More »

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