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Unity Candidate Turns Into Most Polarizing Prez

Obama faces huge partisan approval gap: analysts

(Newser) - He ran on a message of unity and moderation, but Barack Obama is “the most polarizing new president of recent times,” writes Michael Gerson in the Washington Post. There’s a 61-point Obama approval gap between Democrats and Republicans, Pew researchers found. The widening gap has been a... More »

Zimbabwe Opposition OKs Power-Sharing Plan

Tsvangirai will be PM starting Feb. 11

(Newser) - In a “leap of faith” settlement, Zimbabwe’s opposition leader has agreed to a power-sharing plan after months of political turmoil, the BBC reports. Morgan Tsvangirai will become prime minister on Feb. 11 while Robert Mugabe remains president under a new timetable brokered by a southern African coalition. “... More »

Get Back to the 'One Nation,' Barack

Candidate lost message of patriotism, unity in wooing white working class

(Newser) - Give us our “one nation” Obama back, the New Republic editors demand: Barack has been "sapping the charisma from his campaign” to chase down the white working class, and now that Clinton is (all but) gone, it’s time to pivot back to pure patriotism. Trumpeting national unity... More »

House GOP Steps Up for McCain

Republican leaders set aside doubts

(Newser) - The top three GOP leaders in the House embraced  frontrunner John McCain in a feel-good meeting with House colleagues yesterday aimed at settling lingering doubts about his candidacy. McCain also got three standing ovations, praise for his commitment, and only one question about immigration—the issue on which many of... More »

4 Stories