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Lindsay Lohan: I Had a Miscarriage

Last night's 'Lindsay' finale got a little dramatic

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan's time on reality television may have blessedly drawn to a close , but she went out with a bomb on last night's Lindsay finale, revealing the startling reason behind a two-week hiatus she took from filming. The quote that has everyone chattering, courtesy of Gawker :
  • "When
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Oprah Won't Renew LiLo's 'Disaster' of a Show

Source says Winfrey is not pleased

(Newser) - We'd tell you to take this news with a grain of salt, seeing as it comes from the Daily Mail ... but let's be honest, we all saw this coming: Sources tell the British tabloid Oprah Winfrey is furious with the way Lindsay Lohan's reality show on the... More »

Lindsay Rife With Drama, More Drama, Then Drama

Docuseries on Oprah Winfrey Network premieres Sunday

(Newser) - Cancel your plans for Sunday night, because you are going to want to be at home, on your couch, watching the premiere of an eight-episode docuseries on Lindsay Lohan airing on Oprah Winfrey's network at 10pm. Last night, OWN offered up the official trailer for Lindsay, according to the... More »

5 Craziest Celeb Appearance Fees

You probably can't afford to hire Beyonce for your birthday party

(Newser) - Think you might want to hire a celebrity to perform at—or even just attend—your next bash? You better have a lot of cash on hand. Radar rounds up 11 of the most ridiculous celebrity appearance fees. A sampling:
  • Beyonce: Tops the list; she once earned $2 million to
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13 Big Celebrity Feuds

Let's just say these stars don't get along

(Newser) - Admit it: Celebrity feuds are kinda fun. Radar rounds up 26 of the juiciest. A sampling:
  • Chelsea Handler is friends with Jennifer Aniston and thus no fan of Angelina Jolie, although she once insisted, "It has nothing to do with Jennifer." She just thinks Jolie "seems like
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10 Stars Who've Slammed Their Exes—in Public

Because that's the mature way to handle things

(Newser) - Celebrities: always keeping it classy. The Huffington Post rounds up 20 stars—including some big names—who just haven't been able to keep their private lives private. They've dissed exes on Twitter, in magazines, and in other public spaces. Click through the gallery for a sampling of 10,... More »

Lindsay Lohan Writing Tell-All

She's already gotten offers for book

(Newser) - It's just what you wanted for Christmas: Lindsay Lohan is writing a tell-all. Sources tell TMZ she's already met with a big literary agency and has even received a few six-figure offers, so there's pretty much no escaping it. The book will be based on journal entries... More »

Paris Hilton's Brother: LiLo Had Me Attacked

Barron Hilton says Lindsay Lohan engineered a beatdown

(Newser) - A little taste of what it's like to be famous: TMZ reports that Paris Hilton's younger brother was attacked yesterday, and Barron Hilton claims Lindsay Lohan was behind the whole thing. It seems he and LiLo were at the same Miami party Thursday night, which was held at... More »

5 Older Celebs Who Dated Teenagers

Who says a 38-year-old can't date a high school student?

(Newser) - Lest you've forgotten this scandal, Jerry Seinfeld fell in love with Shoshanna Lonstein when he was 38 and she was 17—and still in high school; they dated for five years. Fox News rounds up 10 older celebrities who've dated teens, and while they're not all quite... More »

Lohan a Film Fest No-Show

'My focus is on my health,' she says

(Newser) - A no-show in Venice. Lindsay Lohan officially skipped out on promoting her new movie at the Venice Film Festival. She was expected to be there to help promote The Canyons, which premiered Friday. Lohan wrote on her website that her focus right now must be on her health. Newsy reports: More »

LiLo: I've Only Used Cocaine 'Like 10 to 15 Times'

Lindsay Lohan opens up to Oprah Winfrey

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan's much-anticipated sitdown with Oprah Winfrey aired last night, but no, there were no "bombshells," Vulture reports. The interview, filmed four days after Lohan left rehab, was a pretty predictable affair. Highlights from Vulture, E! , and Us :
  • Lohan, who was emotional throughout the interview, answered simply
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20 Celebs in Hot Water With Entire Countries

Even the Beatles were once banned from a country

(Newser) - Celebrities get VIP access to pretty much everywhere, right? Not necessarily: Wonderwall rounds up 20 celebrities who have been banned from (or at least gotten into a beef with) entire countries:
  • Richard Gere has been permanently banned from China because he's a little too close to the Dalai Lama,
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Ben Affleck Secretly Visited LiLo in Rehab

Plus, Lindsay Lohan talks to Oprah Winfrey

(Newser) - Ben Affleck knows a little something about rehab, so he decided to show his support to Lindsay Lohan during her most recent stay. While she was at Cliffside Malibu, Affleck met with her secretly to give her some tips on staying sober in Hollywood—and making a successful comeback. Sources... More »

2 Guns Hits the Bullseye

'Smurfs 2' does not

(Newser) - Despite mediocre reviews , Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington shoot-em-up 2 Guns fired to No. 1 at the box office this weekend, with a $27.4 million US opening, the AP reports. It was a less explosive domestic debut for The Smurfs 2, which earned an underwhelming $18.2 million to... More »

What Lindsay Lohan Was Like in Rehab

Member of her recovery group dishes

(Newser) - Regardless of your feelings about Lindsay Lohan, you have to admit it can't be fun to exit rehab and immediately have members of your "recovery group" start talking to the media. Tommy Tracy dished to Fox 5 in a recent interview obtained by the Huffington Post , but at... More »

8 Stars Banned From Hotels, Bars...

And, of course, indoor skydiving establishments

(Newser) - So you're a nightclub owner. Of course you want celebrities to be seen at your establishment ... with a few exceptions. The Huffington Post rounds up eight stars who've been banned from bars, hotels, and other places:
  • Justin Bieber got banned from perhaps the weirdest place of all—Las
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LiLo's Problems All Sam Ronson's Fault: Dad

Lindsay Lohan was 'vulnerable' when they started dating, he says

(Newser) - Have we returned to 2009? Because Michael Lohan is saying all of daughter Lindsay's problems can be blamed on ... Samantha Ronson. Lindsay was "vulnerable," but "in a pretty OK place" until she entered into a volatile relationship with the DJ, the elder Lohan told Nik Richie... More »

Rehabbing Lohan Hasn't Brushed Hair 'in Days': Source

And she's being sued for $5M over 'drug-addled image'

(Newser) - Rehab is really not agreeing with Lindsay Lohan, according to Radar 's sources. She "looks extremely haggard, her face is bloated, and it doesn’t look like she has brushed her hair in days," says one. "She looks very disheveled and has absolutely no energy" because... More »

14 Celebs You Had No Idea Were Once Roommates

Turns out Jonah Hill recycles a little too much...

(Newser) - Can you picture Ving Rhames and Stanley Tucci as roommates? No? Well, they once were. The Frisky rounds up seven surprising pairs of celebrities who once lived together:
  • Justin Long lived with Jonah Hill, but they fought about recycling, Long has said. "He would recycle everything. I would find
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Lohan's Life at Rehab: No Phone, Menial Chores

Inside Lindsay's days at Betty Ford

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan's stay at Betty Ford may not be as luxurious as the star might have hoped. Radar takes a look at her life there, details courtesy of an informative source who promises Lohan "is getting no special treatment."
  • An intercom announcement wakes her every day at
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