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Sorry, Columbus: Seattle Honors Native Americans

City council redesignates 2nd Monday of October

(Newser) - Columbus Day is no longer "Columbus Day" in Seattle. The city council yesterday redesignated the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples' Day. Reuters reports that the measure notes that Native Americans inhabited North America long before Columbus showed up in the New World; further, it points out that... More »

Alyssa Milano Gets Jersey Shore Makeover

Actress's Funny or Die video pokes fun at MTV reality show

(Newser) - Alyssa Milano has made it clear that as an Italian-American, she finds MTV's Jersey Shore reality series offensive. But that doesn't mean she can't joke about it. The actress filmed a short for Funny or Die showing her evolution from pretty girl to guidette—which "actually looks a lot... More »

Your Jersey Shore Glossary

The MTV reality show is awe-inspiring, as long as you understand vocab

(Newser) - “You are not prepared for Jersey Shore,” promises Leslie Gornstein of MTV’s controversial reality show—but perhaps her glossary will help. The show follows eight guidos and guidettes who descend upon the New Jersey town of Seaside Heights for the summer with a single goal: "to... More »

MTV's Jersey Shore Irks Italian-Americans

Stereotypes in 'Jersey Shore' are damaging, says UNICO

(Newser) - The young Italian-American stars of MTV’s upcoming reality show Jersey Shore are celebrated in a promo as the “hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos” this side of Parsippany. Ick, says Italian-American group UNICO. They may well “keep their hair high, their muscles juiced and their fists pumping all summer... More »

Miller Pulls Mafia Ads Amid Italian Complaints

Commercials show Sopranos actor offering 'protection'

(Newser) - Complaints from Chicago’s Italian-American community have prompted MillerCoors to pull a Miller Lite ad campaign in which Sopranos actor Frank Vincent plays a stereotypical Mafia type, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. In the two spots, he asks a store clerk and bartender if they need “protection.” They say... More »

Arrivederci to AP Italian? Not So Fast, Educators Say

Groups mount effort to save funding-starved language test

(Newser) - Italian-American groups, outraged the Advanced Placement course in Italian language and culture could soon be shelved, have mobilized to save it. The College Board, which administers the AP program, plans to cut the $84 test and three others because of meager enrollment and funding. “We cannot have the Italian... More »

Alito Whacks Sopranos' Themes

Italian-Americans' real story overshadowed, complains justice

(Newser) - US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito isn't going to fuhgeddabout all the negative stereotypes concerning Italian-Americans spread by shows like The Sopranos. "You have a trifecta—gangsters, Italian-Americans, New Jersey—wedded in the popular American imagination" and overshadowing the true stories, the New Jersey native complained yesterday to an... More »

7 Stories