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Planted on Networks, Phony Download Infects 500K PCs

Malware masquerading as media file seen widely on sharing sites like Limewire

(Newser) - Almost 500,000 people have unintentionally downloaded an adware bundle from file-sharing networks in the past week, security firm McAfee says, with ugly consequences. Disguised as a music file or popular movies, the phony file is circulating on the eDonkey and Limewire networks. It asks users to install a codec... More »

Teen Pleads Guilty in Botnet Adware Scheme

Used IRCBots to profit off of online advertising contracts

(Newser) - A teenager referred to by the FBI as BDH and known online as “Sobe” pleaded guilty to two counts of juvenile fraud conspiracy for a scheme that used botnets to install adware on hundreds of thousands of American computers, including some military systems. He will be sentenced May 5,... More »

2 Stories