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Auto Sales Take a Drubbing in December

Chrysler off 53%; GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda all down more than 30%

(Newser) - Chrysler's sales were off 53% in December compared to the same time last year, the Wall Street Journal reports today, with Ford's off 32% and General Motors down 31%, further indicating a steep decline in US demand for cars. Foreign makers took an even harder hit last month: A 35%... More »

Ford Sales, Off 34%, Key Ugly US Autos Report

Nissan down 37%; Toyota sees 32% drop; GM fares better, but still 16% lower

(Newser) - As expected, early sales reports from automakers paint a dismal picture, MarketWatch reports. Ford reports a 34% drop in US sales in September compared to a year ago; Toyota’s were off 32% and General Motors’ fell 16%, AP adds. Industry-wide, sales are down almost 20% over this time in... More »

Tech Holds Ground Amid Slump

Growth slow, but still up; unemployment below average—no dot-com bust here

(Newser) - Despite malaise in most sectors of the economy, the technology industry is weathering the downturn well, USA Today reports. Sales are up only 3% this year over 2007—a mediocre result, considering the industry usually grows by more than 10%—but with tech unemployment at 3.9% compared to 5.... More »

Starbucks Testing $2.50 Cup of Brew

Slumping company looks to both high-end and low-end products

(Newser) - Struggling with its first major sales slump, Starbucks hopes to lure back customers with a $2.50 cup of luxury coffee. The company hopes to find a high-end niche among serious coffee aficionados with the new brew, made in an $11,000 gizmo similar to a French press, Bloomberg reports.... More »

4 Stories