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Are Cloned Puppies Worth the Risks?

Critics say there may be many failures for every high-profile success

(Newser) - Canine cloning looks set to become big business but critics warn that deformed and diseased failures could outnumber the tail-wagging successes, Wired reports. Cloning fails far more often than it succeeds, and dogs are notoriously hard to clone. A Humane Society report earlier this year charged that "serious animal... More »

Woman Orders Clone of Beloved Dog for $150K

Korean company says it's the first commercial order for a cloned canine

(Newser) - A California woman has placed the first order for a cloned dog with South Korean biotech firm RNL Bio, pledging $150,000 for a genetic duplicate of her dead pitbull, Booger, who once saved her from a dog attack, reports the BBC. Seoul National University scientists, who produced the first... More »

2 Stories