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You Should Probably See Baby Driver

'One of the most entertaining thrill rides of this year, this decade. This century'

(Newser) - With a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes , it's safe to say that Baby Driver was worth the many years director Edgar Wright put into crafting it. The film focuses on the best getaway driver in Atlanta, who goes by Baby, and happens to want to leave his life of... More »

Robin Wright Threatened Her Way to Equal Pay on House of Cards

'You better pay me'

(Newser) - In a bit of scheming that would do Claire Underwood proud, Robin Wright says she threatened her way into getting equal pay on House of Cards, Sky News reports. After seeing data that Claire was at points more popular than fictional husband Frank Underwood, she decided it was time she... More »

Kevin Spacey Is Now a British Knight, Almost

He's a foreigner, so you don't have to call him sir

(Newser) - The queen doled knighthoods and other honors today, with Kevin Spacey and Van Morrison among the notables on the list. Spacey, who is wrapping up a decade-long run as artistic director at London's Old Vic theater, received an honorary knighthood for his contributions to British culture, reports ITV . Because... More »

8 Celebs Who Have Taught College Classes

From Kanye West to Amal Clooney

(Newser) - With their surreal and sometimes bizarre lives, it's not surprising that celebrities are occasionally the subjects of college-level classes ( The Sociology of Miley Cyrus , anyone?), but some A-listers have also been inspired to get behind the lecture podium, too. Below are eight celebs who've moonlighted as college... More »

Critics Decry New House of Cards

One writer notes, in particular, its terrible depiction of DC

(Newser) - Let's just say critics are not in love with the third season of House of Cards. In a Washington Post column, Seth Masket calls the Netflix series "the worst show about American politics. Ever." He explains that many of the "lessons" the show teaches viewers are... More »

Here Are Your Golden Globes Winners

Your running list of the night's awards

(Newser) - After Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's opening monologue , the Golden Globes were off and running:
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture went to JK Simmons for Whiplash.
  • Best Supporting Actress, TV went to Joanne Froggatt for Downton Abbey. Onstage, she mentioned a letter she got from a rape
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Kevin Spacey's New Villain Is on ... a Video Game

He 'stars' in 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare'

(Newser) - Movies, TV shows, and the stage have long been the domain of actors—but add video games to that list, as Kevin Spacey is doing in the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Spacey—who has "never played a [video] game in my life," he tells the New ... More »

House of Cards Actress Dead at 61

Elizabeth Norment died earlier this month, her agent reveals

(Newser) - Elizabeth Norment, who played the executive secretary to Kevin Spacey's character on House of Cards, died earlier this month at age 61, her agent told NBC News yesterday. Norment, who also appeared on TV shows including Law & Order, ER, St. Elsewhere, and LA Law, died at New York'... More »

8 Stars Who Voiced Video Game Characters

If you thought that character sounded familiar, you were probably right

(Newser) - "That voice sounds familiar..." If you've ever found yourself saying that while playing a video game, well, check out ETOnline 's list of 19 celebrities who've lent their voices to game characters. A sampling:
  • Emma Stone: Amanda Cartwright in Sleeping Dogs.
  • Kristen Bell: Lucy in
... More »

From Stage, Spacey Scolds Theatergoer About Phone

And he didn't even break character

(Newser) - A cell phone went off last night in London's Old Vic theater as Kevin Spacey was in the middle of a tense scene. The theatergoer apparently thought he could play innocent and let it keep ringing—until Spacey himself erupted from the stage, reports the Independent . "If you... More »

Kevin Spacey Answers Ford Brothers Via Photoshop

They wanted their picture taken with him

(Newser) - We'll go ahead and score this one a win for Kevin Spacey. After the Ford brothers of Toronto—that would be Mayor Rob and city councillor Doug—complained about not being allowed to have their photo taken with the actor, Spacey responded on Twitter by Photoshopping himself between the... More »

Kevin Spacey: House of Cards No Crazier Than DC

Except that 'you could never get an education bill passed that fast'

(Newser) - Kevin Spacey has surveyed his acclaimed politics drama, House of Cards, and finds it no more wacky than Washington, DC. "Look, for me, it's like performance art," he tells ABC today. "We can get done shooting on a day, and I'll come home and turn... More »

7 Stars Who Never Got Married

One couple has been together 3 decades

(Newser) - You may not have realized it, but you've never read about an extravagant wedding thrown by any of these dozen celebs rounded up by YourTango —because none of them have ever married. Click through the gallery for a sampling or check out the full list here . (Or click... More »

44 Celebs Who Were Classmates

Bet you didn't know these stars went to high school together

(Newser) - Apparently some schools just produce more stars than others. PopSugar rounds up celebrities you may not have realized attended high school together. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out the complete list . More »

Sharp Cast Lifts Horrible Bosses

Jasons Bateman, Sudeikis star in Seth Gordon's comedy

(Newser) - Horrible Bosses is shockingly crude and a bit “uneven,” but it’s also amusing, critics say—because we can all identify with such workplace horrors. (Except maybe Jennifer Aniston as a crude, harassing dentist.)
  • The film is “frequently very funny,” writes AO Scott in the
... More »

Netflix Going After Original TV Series

Hopes to be the first to air new David Fincher/Kevin Spacey show

(Newser) - Is Netflix the next HBO? The company’s in talks to be the first to distribute a new original series directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . Netflix is reportedly prepared to pay more than $100 million for 26 episodes of the series,... More »

The Celeb Voices Behind 15 Commercials

He's Mr. Peanut, but his friends call him Iron Man

(Newser) - Ever found yourself watching a commercial and thinking, Whose voice is that? The Daily Beast rounds up 15 commercials with very famous actors behind them. Click through a few in the gallery or click here for the complete list. (Sometimes celebs actually get in front of the camera to shill... More »

10 More Celebs Who Really Need to Come Out

Like Ricky Martin, it's just so obvious

(Newser) - Ricky Martin finally came out, and the world said, “Duh.” On Gawker , Brian Moylan lists 10 more public figures who really need to admit they’re gay already—after all, the rest of us know. View the list in the gallery—or, for 10 more celebrities who also... More »

Other Celebs' 'Indefinite Breaks'

Michael Jordan played baseball; Daniel Day-Lewis cobbled

(Newser) - With his plan for an “ indefinite break ” from golf, Tiger Woods isn’t the only celebrity to take some time out of the limelight for one reason or another. The Wall Street Journal lists some others:
  • Michael Jordan: The Tiger pal left to try baseball after winning three
... More »

Goats Fun But Unfocused

Clooney turns in top performance in military farce

(Newser) - The Men Who Stare at Goats, a farce loosely based on a non-fiction book about the US military's '80s effort to form a psychic unit, is wildly uneven but often hilarious, say critics.
  • The "over-the-top, absurdist satire" will be "inevitably likened to Dr. Strangelove," Owen Gleiberman writes
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