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Futuristic Skyscraper Is Out of This World

What if your office traveled thousands of miles a day?

(Newser) - Building from the ground up is so last century. Skyscrapers of the future could very well hang from an asteroid placed into orbit over Earth, suspended over a landscape their occupants parachute down to as part of their commute home. Sound bonkers? Wackadoo? Out of this world? Popular Mechanics uses... More »

10 Futuristic Inventions We're Still Waiting For

Sorry, but no flying car for you

(Newser) - We may soon be getting self-driving cars , but—much to the chagrin of Back to the Future fans everywhere— still no hoverboards . Time lists 10 more futuristic predictions that haven’t exactly panned out:
  • Jet packs: OK, so these exist, but you probably can’t buy one. Popularized in a
... More »

Silicon Valley Spawns High-Tech University

'Singularity University' to tackle questions about future, technology

(Newser) - The future’s so bright, we’re going to need special training to get ready. That’s the point of Singularity University, a Silicon Valley institution founded by trio of forward thinkers, reports CNET. It won’t be a regular university; instead, Singularity—staffed by Nobel winners and other luminaries—... More »

Museum Finds Missing Reels of Sci-Fi Classic

Film historians rejoice as Fritz Lang's iconic Metropolis is revived

(Newser) - The  discovery of long-lost footage from Fritz Lang's futuristic classic Metropolis in the archives of a Buenos Aires museum has given the film world a thrill, reports Der Speigel. Nearly a half-hour of Lang's 1927 vision of 21st-century class struggle can be restored. The new scenes flesh out the characters... More »

A.I. Will Match Human Brain in 20 Years

But nanobots in our neurons will make us smarter, too

(Newser) - One engineer and futurist says it’s only a matter of time before machines are as smart as people, and people are part machine, the BBC reports. Ray Kurzweil claims that artificial intelligence will produce human-level smarts and even emotions by 2029. Humans, meanwhile, will inject nanobots into their brains... More »

5 Stories