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Serial Rape Suspect Arrested After 27 Years

California authorities say they have the 'NorCal Rapist' in custody, thanks to DNA

(Newser) - It's taken nearly three decades, but California authorities think they've finally nabbed the "NorCal Rapist." At a Friday presser, Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn and Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert said Roy Charles Waller, 58, was arrested Thursday as he showed up to work at... More »

'Serial Rapist' Written on Cosby's Walk of Fame Star

It's not the first time the star has been defaced

(Newser) - Bill Cosby's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was found vandalized early Tuesday, the words "serial rapist" written on it with black marker. Los Angeles police are investigating, reports the Los Angeles Times , which has a picture of the defaced star. Cosby, 81, received the star in... More »

A Decade Later, Serial Rapist Sunk by Family Ties: Cops

Genealogy data identifies NC's Darold Bowden, accused in 6 rapes

(Newser) - Online genealogical data led authorities to the suspected Golden State Killer. Now it may have identified the "Ramsey Street Rapist" responsible for at least six rapes in Fayetteville, NC, from March 2006 to January 2008, most following apartment break-ins in the area of Ramsey Street. Arrested shirtless at his... More »

DNA Match Solves High-Profile 1994 Rape Case

Columnist insisted NYC rape was a hoax

(Newser) - Some 23 years after a New York City rape victim was denounced as a hoaxer by a prominent newspaper columnist, police say they have solved the case with modern DNA-testing methods. After the woman was raped in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in 1994 while carrying groceries home, New York Daily ... More »

Rapist Who Attacked Up to 1K Women Being Sent Home

Selva Kumar Subbiah 'is a total, classic psychopath'

(Newser) - An unrepentant serial rapist believed to have attacked up to 1,000 women has finished a 24-year prison sentence in Canada, but he won't be enjoying a minute of freedom there. Instead, guards will accompany Selva Kumar Subbiah on a plane back to his native Malaysia and hand police... More »

Police Looked Into 5 Sexual Assaults, Found 27

New South Wales police ask for public's help

(Newser) - In 2005, Australian police set up a task force to look into five sexual assaults in Sydney's eastern suburbs. They ended up uncovering what could be one of the country's most prolific serial rapists—and they're asking the public to help track him down. Buzzfeed reports a... More »

FBI on Hunt for Serial Killer Who Last Struck in 1986

'Original Night Stalker' was tied to at least 52 sex assaults in Sacramento County, Bay Area

(Newser) - It's been 40 years since a violent serial burglar, rapist, and killer started to terrorize Northern California, but the FBI this week announced there is a new, concerted push to find the so-called "East Area Rapist." Described as a white male about 5-foot-10 with blond or light... More »

Serial Rapists 'Far More Common' Than Thought

'These are one-man crime waves,' says prosecutor

(Newser) - Analysis of 5,000 untested rape kits made possible with a grant from Ohio's Justice Department has so far helped authorities in Cuyahoga County secure 250 convictions. In fact, the county prosecutor calls the kits "the greatest gold mine of information and leads for law enforcement that I... More »

Decades-Old Rape Kits Point to a Serial Rapist

Houston PD IDs Herman Ray Whitfield, links him to 4 rapes thanks to newly tested kits

(Newser) - It's been a recurring chorus nationwide: a clamor over rape kits that have sat on dusty shelves, untested. Houston was no exception, with some 6,600 kits having been kept in an HPD property room since 1987. About a year ago, two outside labs started going through the backlog... More »

LAPD Offers $100K Reward for Serial Rapist

Authorities say 'teardrop' attacker has assaulted 35 women

(Newser) - The LAPD is intensifying the hunt for the " teardrop rapist ," a man who has assaulted 35 women—some of whom remember a teardrop mark near his eye—between 1996 and 2012. The big thing is that the reward is now doubled to $100,000, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

Serial-Rapist DNA Test Leads Cops to Twins

So Marseille police are ordering unusual genetic test

(Newser) - Police in the French city of Marseille relied on DNA evidence to arrest a serial rapist accused of attacking six women, the Telegraph reports. Only problem: His DNA nearly matches his twin brother's, so police hauled them both in. And the victims, unable to tell them apart, positively identified... More »

LAPD: Long-Sought 'Teardrop Rapist' Is Back

Police advise women to walk in pairs

(Newser) - Los Angeles police had to issue an awful warning to women in the city today: Don't walk alone. A sexual predator known as the "teardrop rapist" appears to have surfaced again after a years-long absence, reports the Los Angeles Times . The assailant, thought to have at least one... More »

Serial Rapist Attacking Alumnae of Dallas Sorority

Texas attacker has personal info on victims: cops

(Newser) - A serial rapist spotted on surveillance video appears to be stalking alumnae of a particular sorority in Dallas, police have revealed. Four members of Delta Sigma Theta have been raped in their homes in the last 11 months by an attacker who had personal information about them, reports the Dallas ... More »

East Coast Rape Suspect to Cops: What Took So Long?

Investigation may have found 12-time serial rapist

(Newser) - When cops arrested Aaron Thomas and charged him with being the infamous East Coast Rapist, the 39-year-old unemployed truck driver apparently had one question: "What took you so long to get me?" A prosecutor says Thomas has admitted his “involvement in numerous, alleged rapes,” while in custody.... More »

'East Coast Rapist' Suspect Attempts Suicide in Jail

Aaron Thomas suffers only slight injuries, returned to jail later

(Newser) - The man accused of being the East Coast Rapist tried to hang himself in his jail cell yesterday, but suffered only minor injuries, reports the Hartford Courant . Aaron Thomas, who was arrested Friday for a series of rapes dating back to 1997 , was taken to a local hospital, but returned... More »

Cops Nab 'East Coast Rapist'

Connecticut man Aaron Thomas arrested in 14-year-old case

(Newser) - US Marshals descended on a Connecticut home yesterday and emerged with the man they say is responsible for at least 17 rapes over 14 years up and down the East Coast. New Haven police today said DNA confirmed Aaron Thomas, 39, is the East Coast rapist; investigators reportedly got his... More »

Serial Rape, Murder of Street Kids Shatters Jakarta

Cigarette vendor gave them food, shelter, death

(Newser) - The serial rape and murder of 14 young Jakarta street boys by a cigarette vendor has shocked a nation where such attacks are almost unheard of. The vendor—known as Babe, or father, to the boys he lured with food and a comfortable place to stay—killed boys as young... More »

Six in Rapist's House Were Murdered, Women: Coroner

Still no IDs, partly due to advanced decomposition

(Newser) - All six bodies found in the Cleveland home of a convicted rapist were female, and all were apparently strangled, police say. None of the victims found at the home of Anthony Sowell has been identified, a coroner's spokesman said today, and relatives of missing women have been coming forward to... More »

LA Cops Arrest Suspected Serial Killer From '70s, '80s

72-year-old may have killed 30 women

(Newser) - Los Angeles police say a 72-year-old insurance claims adjuster may in fact be the city's "most prolific serial killer," the Los Angeles Times reports. The suspect, John Floyd Thomas, may have killed up to 30 older women and raped scores more during two separate rampages in the 1970s... More »

Reno Cops Hunt Murderous Serial Rapist

Linked to attacks on 3 women near local campus

(Newser) - A murdered 19-year-old Reno woman is believed to be the third victim of a serial rapist preying on women near the local campus of the University of Nevada, reports the Reno Gazette. The woman was abducted from a friend's home and strangled. "This is a serial rapist," said... More »

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