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Canada Makes a 'Globally Significant' Conservation Move

Protected boreal forest will cover 26K square miles in Alberta, Canada

(Newser) - Canada will soon be home to the largest protected boreal, or coniferous, forest on the planet. On Tuesday, the Alberta government announced a plan for the creation of three new provincial parks bordering on Wood Buffalo National Park, as well as the creation of a fourth park to the south.... More »

Florida's Plan: Sell Land So It Can ... Buy Land

Some 5K acres may be up for grabs to raise $50M for other properties

(Newser) - Florida may be about to put a whole lot of land up for sale. The goal: sell off the less significant stuff—some 5,000 acres of beaches, forests, and wetlands originally bought to keep out of development—to raise $50 million to buy land deemed more important to save,... More »

10M New Acres Conserved Since 2005

Land trusts doing well despite poor economy

(Newser) - Since 2005, 10 million new acres of land have been voluntarily conserved as parks, farms, gardens, forests, and more, according to a new report by the Land Trust Alliance. The fact that the amount of land saved from development increased 27% between 2005 and 2010—despite a struggling economy—shows... More »

Boy Scout Bosses Sell Wildlands to Developers

'Conservation-minded' group slammed for cashing in on green spaces

(Newser) - The Boy Scouts of America has made tens of millions of dollars over the past two decades by selling campgrounds and valuable wildlands across the country to developers, a Seattle Post-Intelligencer investigation reports. The organization—which boasts a "conservation-minded" Outdoor Code—has often exclusively sought deals with developers, sometimes... More »

During Bust, Green Groups Make Land Grab

Conservationists snatch idle land from developers' hands

(Newser) - As the subprime debacle rips through real estate, leveling home values and clogging the market with unsold property, an unlikely group of vultures is descending, reports Newsweek. Conservation groups and local governments alike, which sat on the bench during the last boom, are snapping up land from would-be developers to... More »

5 Stories