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Kitten Pulled From Fire Will Melt Your Heart

Velcro was given oxygen to aid recovery

(Newser) - "There was heavy smoke in there, so the fact that they survived is pretty remarkable," says a fire official after a kitten and snake were rescued from a cooking fire at an apartment in Washington state on Monday. Firefighters initially pulled two dogs from the fire, one of... More »

Video Shows Man Save Kitten Stuck on Highway

It's purrrrty cute

(Newser) - A surveillance video of a busy highway in Russia is melting hearts around the world: In it, a tiny kitten can be seen in the middle of the road in Kaliningrad on Monday as several vehicles drive around it, in what look to be near-misses at times. The kitten had... More »

Sink-Loving Kitten Suspected of Flooding Animal Shelter

Florida Humane Society sustains at least $5,000 in damage

(Newser) - A 6-month-old kitten is suspected of causing at least $5,000 in damage at a Florida animal shelter, the Miami Herald reports. According to WPLG , staff at the Florida Humane Society in Pompano Beach discovered their facility was seriously flooded last Thursday morning. They initially thought a pipe had burst... More »

Uber Will Bring You a Kitten. Right Now

It costs $30 for a 15-minute cuddle session with proceeds going to shelters

(Newser) - Have 15 minutes to fill and $30 to spare? Get on Uber. From 11am to 3pm Thursday, Uber will deliver kittens to the place of your choosing in 50 cities across the US and Canada just so you can get in a 15-minute cuddle session on National Cat Day, reports... More »

Heroin OD Antidote Saves Drugged Kitten

DA says addict tortured cat, injected it with drug

(Newser) - A quick-thinking veterinarian saved the life of a kitten after a "depraved" man tortured it and injected it with heroin, authorities say. A Pennsylvania clinic had considered euthanizing the abused kitten, which was lethargic and suffering head trauma, but it revived after it was treated with Narcan, a drug... More »

NYC Subway Shut Down for Hours by ... 2 Kittens

They're eventually rescued

(Newser) - The appearance of a pair of feline friends temporarily halted two New York City subway lines yesterday in Brooklyn, DNAinfo New York reports. When officials noticed the kittens shortly after 11am, they shut down the power running to the Q and B lines, and a boss unsuccessfully "tried to... More »

Hitler Kitten Can't Find a Home

6-week-old kitten repeatedly overlooked for adoption

(Newser) - Adolf Hitler's legacy of evil is taking its toll on an unlikely victim—a 6 week-old kitten in England. "Kitler," an abandoned black and white cat with markings that make her resemble you know who, is struggling to find a home, reports the Telegraph . The kitten was... More »

Newborn Kitten Has Two Faces

Birth defect reduces chance tiny feline will survive

(Newser) - A newborn kitten is turning heads because she has an unusual birth defect—two faces. The funky feline, inventively named Two Face by her startled owner, has a condition called diprosopus , her veterinarian tells WCHS , the ABC affiliate in Charleston, WV. "I gave her about a 50-50 prognosis, and... More »

Kim Kardashian in Catfight With PETA

Reality-TV star says she'd never harm an animal

(Newser) - Congratulations, Kim Kardashian: You managed to piss off PETA without wearing fur or eating meat! After the reality TV fixture tweeted a photo of herself holding a kitten by the scruff of the neck, the animal rights organization was quick to respond: “Kim Kardashian isn't the only person who... More »

Kitten Dies After Being Glued to Highway

$1,000 reward offered for information on who did it

(Newser) - A $1,000 reward is being offered for information on whoever glued a young kitten to a remote stretch of highway in southern Minnesota. A woman found the animal glued by the nose and "extremely stressed out," the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. She took it to a shelter,... More »

Man Stomps Kittens to Death

Drunk charged with animal cruelty after killing cats in parking lot

(Newser) - A California man faces felony animal cruelty charges after stomping three kittens to death in a grocery store parking lot, KSBY of San Luis Obispo reports. David Pierce is in Santa Barbara County Jail on $20,000 bond after witnesses saw him take the animals out of a plastic bag... More »

Cardinals Not Cute Enough? Try the Puppy Bowl

A parrot will sing anthem, kittens in halftime show on Animal Planet's Super alternative

(Newser) - Those uninterested in watching hulking giants meet on the gridiron Sunday have a decidedly cuter alternative: the fifth annual Puppy Bowl. Animal Planet broadcasts the event, which will feature puppies engaging in football-like action, a parrot singing the national anthem, and a halftime show where kittens are just kittens, the... More »

Tabby Adopts Red Panda Cub

Dutch zookeeper's cat lets abandoned panda join her litter

(Newser) - A newborn red panda rejected by its mother has been adopted by a zookeeper's cat, the BBC reports. The panda and its sibling were first put on an incubator at the Dutch zoo but the tabby cat, who had recently given birth, proved willing to take the kitten-sized panda cubs... More »

Purr-fect Kitty Survives Subway

Feisty feline survived 25 days in tunnel

(Newser) - A scared black kitten lost in the New York City Subway system more than three weeks ago has been found safe and well. Georgia escaped from a carrying case 25 days ago and scampered into a subway station to survive passing trains, the electrified third rail and some of Manhattan's... More »

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